Thursday, March 19, 2009

Banality on the Internets? For shame!

There is something in general that really bothers me about games on facebook. For the most part, they aren't games. There is nothing inherently challenging or strategic about them at all, it's just collect as much stuff as you can afford and then click a lot. I should also state that this involves games that are built for facebook, not games that were adapted to facebook.

Okay, that's a little unfair. There are games there that involve some degree of strategy, but not a lot. It's more like modification and then you spend a lot of time clicking. The clicking is an automatic success. It will always work, there is 0% change of failure. Again, this is not a game. A game is a series of risks and rewards that you try to navigate better than everyone else. Most of these things are time sinks that are really good at marketing themselves.

Now CFC has a little bit more of a navigational challenge. For those who aren't up to date (ha! I make myself laugh, people reading this) we wanted to make a Facebook game that was a bit more of a challenge than the standard game. I believe we succeeded. We've got a game where your move, style and stance selection makes a big part of how well you do in the game. Our problem is that we're not that good at doing the marketing bit. That's what the next incarnation of CFC is going to focus on. We're looking at creating circuits so you can just click buttons, but you had better hope that you manage to set yourself up right otherwise you're going to lose. Integrate the facebook mindless clicking with a bit of actual game play.

But that's just me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alpha set mocked up

Finally, after how many months ... the Alpha set is mocked up.

Now I just gotta play it and watch as every single flaw is magnified.

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