Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's Play Conventioning! - Undwear on the Outside

There's a nifty little game that Joe over at Underwear on the Outside. It's an assassins like Business Card. I like the idea, I just think the text is a little much considering the size of the paper it's going to be on.

Here's me doing a little re-write of it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Geasa - We've got Book Sign!

Hey Folks,

I just got my order of Geasa books in! This is awesome.

Now, because of a couple of things that were unforseen I need to raise the price to 20.00$ rather than the 15 that it is now. However, if you get the book in the next two weeks you can get it for the 15.00 that it is now.

Currently, IPR is experiencing some difficulties. You can get back to the page, but it's not branded anymore.

Because of that I'll be trying to opening a store on my own site, as well as the stuff that's going to IPR. Until the end of September if you want to pick up your copy of Geasa you can for $15! After that it will go up to it's new price of $20!

So, get 'em while they're hot?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Speak Out With Your Geek Out by Standing On Your Head

The title here might not make sense to a lot of people. In fact, it's going to probably make sense to about three people off the top of my head that might even remotely look at this thing. See, "Standing On Your Head" is a cliche used by many announcers who watch when a Goaltender does everything he or she can to keep the puck out of the net.

That's right folks, my Geek Out is totally Hockey.

You have to understand a few things about me. First of all, I'm Canadian and am one of those contractually obligated to be obsessed with Hockey so that those who don't have an interest can still maintain their stereotype. That's right, I'm a Hockey Sponsor.

Beyond that, I started playing Hockey when I was five and continued until I was 17 and no longer eligible for House League play. That's 12 years of dedication to a sport without any real thought towards playing it beyond when I would age out, or men's league after that. I mean, we used to play road hockey down the street and we'd all be the person who would score the goal that would win The Cup (and yes, The Stanley Cup is capitalized) and we'd run around with our hands up in the air making fools of ourselves on gloriously frozen winter nights where the streetlights became stadium lights and the snowbanks were the places you would take a check and rest for a moment or two.

I love this game. Hockey is seriously the best combination of every other sport out there. It's a game that requires the teamwork of Basketball, the precision of Baseball, the strength of American Football and puts metal blades on it's feet and makes it run at high speeds.

I love this game because it's got huge amounts of tradition and weird little rituals that make no sense to a lot of other sports ... well, except maybe baseball fans. The Trophys all have names, that people use. We've got the Conn Smythe, The Hart, the Vezina, the freakin' Lady Bing (for the most sportsman like player for those who don't know), The Calder, The Art Ross and a whole pile of others. Every single trophy has a name attached to it, unlike other sports where only one or two have names or the names aren't really used. In Hockey, you know those names. They're writ large even if the award show is usually not all that great.

I love this game because this commerical and this commercial make me cry, almost every single time.

I love this game so much that despite the fact that I a Montreal Canadians fan, I can appreciate a good game or play even if it means my team loses.

Yeah, I geek out just a little bit for Hockey. I read blogs on it for crying out loud. My favourite being Puck Daddy, edited by Greg Wyshynski who is himself a pretty huge Geek. There used to be a radio show, which is currently no more because of the Score Radio getting cut, and it was what I looked forward to listening to on my overnight shift. If you want to start learning about Hockey, you should read that blog. Not only does it give you a really good, in depth, and easy to grasp view into hockey, the blog also provides you with a lot of different perspectives on hockey. They've got a crack team and it's pretty freakin' awesome.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Books -- They are Coming!

Okay, I'm only a lot excited.

I got a notification that the books for Geasa should be at my door on Thursday evening. That means that people are going to get their stuff soon. Woo!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I gots Interviewed! -

One of the fun things that happened was an interview with Scott Wachter at Fan Expo 2011. We talk about the pun that is my company name, CyberGeneration, Geasa and Critical!: Go Westerly and some future projects!

You can listen to it here!

Firestorm Ink's Fan Box