Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dreamation 2010 - The Review

I got back from Dreamation and I have to say that I love all the double exposure cons. I do. They're were I got to meet a lot of people that I love and play a lot of new and exciting stuff.

Let me give you the highlights of what we ended up doing and then we'll talk more about the Con.

1. Playtest Geasa a couple of times.

There was one official slot of playtesting, which went really well. I think it's one of those games which is turning out to be a lot like Suitors. It didn't take a lot of tweaking to get the type of game that I wanted. Suitors went through three incarnations before it pretty much stayed as is. Geasa is looking like it's going to be just the first incarnation is going to do it. I might make one change, which is to give people stats of 4, 3, 3 and 2 rather than 4, 3, 2 and 2 but that hasn't seemed to be a problem.

The big problem is the amount of selection anxiety people seem to have. Because the game is showing that it really needs at least one person to take the lead, and make a strong decision. Otherwise people end up wondering what the hell they should be doing. Personally, I think with good examples in the book and more experience running the game at cons this can be mitigated. It seems to be a game that once one pass has happened people get it, and then they can get into it. The trick is going to get them going into it.

Our first game ended up being in the SF genre. This is interesting as the first one ended up with a Janitor who used to be a Nuclear Engineer but couldn't find a job doing that on the station. We had a Bartender who was looking for her long lost son. A ship Psychologist who was afraid of space and a Captain who wanted to get off the station while making life as miserable for the rest of the crew. It was pretty sweet.

The second one was a modern day setting, with a Priest, a Fisherman, an Assassin and a Town Drunk. It was a challenge to see the game try to deal with these disparate characters, and some of the Fae that were created were weird, but the game didn't suffer at all from it.

2. CyberGen LARP

We had about 30 people show up again for the CyberGeneration LARP. It was another bundle of chaos mixed up with some interesting stuff. We've finally got some sort of "plot" going, as in that one group has managed to get involved with the Eden Cabal. There was a suggestion that two things happen. The first is that there starts to be a little bit of plot. Nothing huge and railroading, but more let's have the rest of the world interact with the players because otherwise they end up all over the place and we spend our time running after them.

The second thing is that I'm going to be dumping most of the responsibility of running NAGA with the judges they have and focusing on the LARPs. The only time I had a slot go off was when I was unable to physically do it (like 1 hour after running a 5 hour LARP). This means that there will be two slots to come and play CyberGeneration during the day. Good time there.

3. Playing games with other people

So I got to check out a couple of games, which I don't normally get to do. One of them was The Fisherman's Wife by Julia Bond Ellingboe. I had a great time playing that game and enjoyed it's many austere qualities and the drama that exists between the two characters being tempted and either succumbing or rising to the occasion.

I got to see Brennan's How We Came To Live Here. I didn't get a chance to play, but I'm going to remedy that for Anime North. It looks really interesting, incredibly interesting actually. I want to go through the book and see what others think of it too.

I also got to play in a Zombie LARP. Not just any LARP. An Apocalyptic Zombie LARP. Which translates into me talking in a Southern accent for a while, bashing Zombies with a boffer wrench and make bad TV references all night. Seriously, amazing time. If you're in the area I recommend that you check out Dystopia Rising. Go play in their LARP or show up at DEX and play there.

All in all there were many good times to be had.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

They like it

So that project we've been working on just got send in for review of the first draft.

The good news is that they like it. We've had to make a few setting modifications, really they just fit in perfectly, and I'm actually loving this game now.

Once it's really, real I'll let you know what we've been doing.

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