Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BLARGH! ARGH! or why Sid Meier such a fucking racist

I have just committed one of the huge cardinal sins of dealing with racism. I have called someone a racist, rather than their actions. However, I think I can be fucking justified with doing it this one time. Why? Well, Sid Meier -- of Civilizations fame -- came up with a game in 1995 called Colonization. That's right, it was a game where you played one of four European Nations who crossed the Atlantic and began a wholesale genocide to colonize and civilize the 'new' lands they found. When I first found it, I was a little taken aback considering that part of the game play, depending on your nation of choice, involved subjugating or eliminating the First Nations that were 'inconveniently placed' on the map. Seriously, the English would send missionaries to convert people. The French would 'negotiate' and 'befriend' the various tribes so that they could use them as soldiers when fighting off the homeland. The Spanish would just kill everything in sight and the Dutch would just steal trade for better resources and more access to the land.

I used to bring it up as something that was a pretty big black eye as far as the gaming community was concerned. I used to also use it as a marker of what was going on 16 years ago in that naive hope that maybe, just maybe we had progressed a little further than that.

Well, the past is come back today and it's upgraded! That's right, in 2008 they re-release Colonization as Sid Meier's Civ 4 - Colonization! Better graphics, better game play, and whole giant metric fucktonnes (which are of course bigger than imperial fucktonnes) of strategically racist fun for the whole family. Don't believe me? Check out the trailer. I'll wait.


Yeah. Look at these great white people coming in and building their great and powerful forts! Look at the lone 'savage' scouting the Europeans big and powerful walls with trepidation. Look at the theft and lies trading that is going on there! Isn't it great! Look at more important white folks who are busy 'building a country' and fighting for their independence.

Giant, steaming pile of shit.

This is why I feel I can safely say that Sid Meier is a fucking racist. Not only did he make one really racist game, but he then remade the same fucking game! The exact same fucking game!


Am I the only one who sees anything wrong with this?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gen Con - Get them tickets while they exist!

Hey folks!

Gen Con event reg opened up not too long ago and I'm amazed that most of the tickets to the events that I'm running are sold! That means if you want in on any games that I'll be running you're going to need to get on them ASAP.

Here are a list of games that I'm running with a when, a where, and how many tickets are left.

RPG1119295 - Geasa - Thu @ 3:00 PM - Crowne Plaza :: Grand Central Blrm B :: 4 - 2 Left!

RPG1119298 - CyberGen 3.0 - Thu @ 9:00 PM - Crowne Plaza :: Grand Central Blrm B :: 1 - 3 Left!

RPG1119296 - Geasa - Fri @ 3:00 PM - Crowne Plaza :: Grand Central Blrm B :: 5 - SOLD OUT!

RPG1119297 - Critical! - Sat @ 3:00 PM - Crowne Plaza :: Grand Central Blrm B :: 2 - 1 Left!

It always blows my mind when people want to play games with me!

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