Thursday, March 16, 2017

Conventioning - Breakout 2017

Breakout happened! There was a long list of guests and a lot of amazing games and tonnes of fun were had. That's thanks to the tireless efforts of all the volunteers from the GMs who volunteer to run events to the staff that work relentlessly to make sure everything is run as smoothly as possible. It's a great convention, and everyone I know had a great time.

That said! What did you do Jonathan?

That's a good question self.

Saturday was mostly about panels.

First Panel was on GM Troubleshooting, with Matt McFarland, Robin Laws, Anna Kreidar, and myself. I was there as a last minute replacement of the missing Emily Care Boss (who was ill) and Guest Boss (who was tending to the ill) and it went really well. It was thankfully not a lot of the standard "I hate my group and how do I make them change" but a lot of great questions in regards to preparation, and how do you feel you should structure things.

Second Panel I was just moderating but it was the State of the Industry Panel so that means it had Eric Lang, Michelle Lyons-McFarland, Robin Laws, and Jonathan Gilmour. It was a pretty good panel, with a lot of questions and only a few limited "I have a statement to show off how smart I am, but I'm going to pretend it's a question" moment. The biggest difficulty I had was that there were lots of board game questions and fewer and fewer RPG questions, so to throw things to our RPG guests I had to kind of find the RPG nugget in them and then pass them along to the RPG part of the panel. I think it was a great time, and lots of people seemed to enjoy the information and had a good time which was great.

That night I got to run a game of We Used To Be Friends with Megan, Duan, Bill and Amanda who were amazing. They were experienced players, and had been through a bunch of games together including The Watch by Anna Kreider and Andrew Medeiros which I have heard nothing but amazing things about, so that's great.

We had a Delinquent (Amanda's Zia), The Hard Boiled (Duan's Casey), The Libertine (Bill's Nadeem), The Socialite (Megan's Kobi), and my Ingenue (Sparrow). I wanted to play the Ingenue because I was interested to see how it would play and what it needs, I tend to usually play the Tech Geek because I have all the love for Mac.

Anyway, the episode mystery is that someone, my Rival Erika, got fired from her job for stealing tips and her little brother swore that she didn't do it and went to Zia for help. Zia talked to the kid for information, and Amanda rolled Gumshoe and asked "Why should I care about this" which is because someone that Zia had listed as an enemy was the person who was the first suspect and this would be a great way to bring her down. So she called Casey to help her figure this out.

Casey was at home with Sparrow because he had been kind of somewhat under "house arrest" since he ended up blowing the whistle on his cousin. Zia and Nadeem ended up showing up and Nadeem got their attention by throwing rock at the window, even though they didn't need that. Sparrow ran interference (because everyone loves him, how could you not believe him) and Zia asked for Casey's help which he was happy to give because it would give him something to get out of the house.

Nadeem got sent out to get Erika out of her house and over so that Casey, and Sparrow, could talk to her and see what's going on. They got some more clues and were going to meet up with Zia at the underground mining tunnel club that we had built when we built our town.

Kobi didn't really seem to have a spot, so Megan did the one thing that I really hoped would happen and started working on her personal mystery. Megan picked a scene where Kobi had just come home and her parents were arguing about telling her something, so she hid and tried to Gumshoe it. I think we messed up because she should have still received a clue, but she did hear something about a facility and her cliffhanger was her dad walking over to her and asking, almost shouting, "How long have you been there?"

Because there was a cliffhanger we moved on to the party where Nadeem was already there trying to flirt with the suspect. It was great because he failed to flirt and managed to get a clue anyway because the Libertine is meant to try and fail and be okay with it. But what was awesome was that the suspect (whose name escapes me) was totally aware of what Nadeem was doing and set a trap for him later and told him to meet her by the lake.

Casey and Sparrow show up, and Zia who likes to mess with Sparrow's mind drops down from the balcony above right in front terrifying Sparrow. Amanda went to the move "Sometimes I'm up all night thinking about myself" where if she does something dangerous to turn someone on. She made the 10, which means that Sparrow changed his relationship with her (it would be more than that but that's what it said at the time) and so I decided "Okay, it's Rival. You've got to stop doing that to me." And that became a thing where clearly the Delinquent had a thing for riling up the Ingenue.

This is getting long, so to quickly start summing things up. Nadeem ended up getting attacked by some guy who turned out to be the manager at the restaurant in the Casino where Erika and the suspect worked. Then he got arrested for trespassing and spent some time in a chair next to a cop while hitting on everyone.

Kobi watched it happen, and got away but fought with her friend (the suspect) about it, and then went home to do some sleuthing on her parents. She ended up finding the name of the institute they were talking about.

Casey solved the case, with help from Sparrow and Zia, and made Erika's little brother's day. Turns out that the manager was the suspects cousin. The suspect was the one stealing the tips, and the cousin didn't want to get her in trouble so he framed Erika for it.

With Sparrow, I decided to use my Rival move with Zia. Ended up getting a 10+ which means I get a bonus, so I chose take +1 forward if you challenge them. Since Zia seemed to be intent on turning that into a game of I can make you feel things I used the Ingenue's turn someone on move, which is when you act innocent or naive. Rolled a 10+.

Zia's reaction was, "I've been waiting for this for a while. My place, or yours."
Sparrow demured and said, "My mother wouldn't approve."
Zia replies, "Hot. Your place then."

And scene.

It was a great game and it showed me a few things.

A. The "What should you care" question is so good early on because it provides that kind of impetus for a lot of things. It's not as useful later on, but that's why you get to ask other questions.
B. I think I made is explicit in the text that you have to deal with a cliffhanger before a character can appear in another scene, but I think I have to go back for it.
C. I ended up going over the few casefiles that had a "turn someone on move" and made them a bit more uniform and a lot more interesting. I had originally just replaced the "give them a string" with "change your relationship"
D. The question for the mystery was so good. When we were wondering how to make clues fit, going back to the question made it way easier to figure out.
E. The personal mysteries are perfect if your character really isn't doing much with the episode. If we were able to play with it longer you can kind of have two or three stories going on at the same time and it doesn't feel like it's dragging things apart. In fact, when we started to come up with ways to get Kobi into the episode, it felt more forced than letting her explore that mystery on her own.

Sunday I ran Critical!: Go Westerly - The Importance of being Gwendolyn

I had a bunch of players who were nice, and I had Michelle playing in the game which was awesome because she was supposed to play in this game when I first wrote it. I'm glad she got to play it because it's my version of Tom Stoppard's Travesties, where you have a game that's about a situation that is also about the Importance of being Ernest.

There were quite a few laughs and while I made the mistake of booking two hours (I had a thought to run Faux Dungeon, but switched my mind in regards to the game forgot to do so and so only had 2 hours of game) rather than 3 or 4. That said, it was super amusing and a good time!

I managed to playtest a bunch of stuff, as well as get a few board game moments in. It was a very good time, and something I recommend for everyone. Seriously, if you're looking to get someone into trying out games, or trying out conventions I can't recommend Breakout enough.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Conventioning! Play & Pub Toronto

Recently Dancing Giant Games hosted a Play & Pub convention in Toronto this past weekend. I had a great time for a few reasons.

The first was the it got Curt Cover from Smirk and Dagger up to check out the prototypes as well as try out a few things that were coming down the pipeline for S&D as well.

I'm not going to talk about every game, because we played a lot in a wide variety of levels of completion, but I'm going to hit on some highlights.

1. Finally got to play Biotix. I totally get why Curt is publishing this game. It's quick, so much fun, and very much backstabby. It's backstabby in the way that feels like you're also making strategic moves. Also, the germ meeples are adorable and everyone will want to play with them.

2. Got to play a Fast Food game by Joel Colombo. I didn't get the name, it was something about Drive Thrus and it was so good. Like heavy crunchy kind of "what am I doing" kind of game. Funny thing about me, I love playing those games and in part is that at no way shape or form does my designer brain go that far down the pipe.

Got to talk about how to many shorten it for players who are new to the game, or aren't quite fully versed in that kind of heavy game.

Also, there's a tag line that I hope he uses so hard. I have a long standing joke when someone asks me to define a "euro" game and I yell out "Is it about farming or colonizing shit? If yes, then see Euro." I know it's not quite the same, but anyway I think it's a good joke. That said, we're playing this game and I have an epiphany, "This is truly the American Euro. It's not about farming, it's about Fast Food."

3. Saw a couple of designs from Chris Chung. A lot of them were in alpha state, but there were some really good games but my favourite was Spell Smashers which hopefully we'll see in certain formats when he gets some more work done on it.

It was a great job by Kevin to get this up and running, and a great first time con!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Character Generation Library - CyberGeneration

Welp, about time I check this one off the list.

For those of you who don't know, there was a period of time where I had the line license for CyberGeneration. It really was the first RPG I ever got into. This was the game that got me into roleplaying, this was the game that after no one had touched it for years made me want to start making product for it. This was the game that I kind of burned out on pushing it for so many years, but I still love it oh so very much. I don't get to play a lot of RPGs so I haven't brought it to the table, but whenever I open the book I get all those old NPCs running around in my head shouting to get out. I also own two copies of the main book, but last time I checked I can do this by memory alone.

Anyway, for those of you who are like "What is this game?" CyberGeneration started out as a spin off expansion book to Cyberpunk 2020 and then got a second edition and became its own game. It used a streamlined version of the Interlock system, which was the system that R. Talsorian used for mostly everything from Mekton Z, to Cyberpunk, to CyberGen even used to have a fusion with Hero System at one point in time.

History lesson is over. Time for a character.

Step 1. Pick a yogang.

With all the expansions there were 28 different yogangs to pick from. I'm just going to grab one from the book, and since it seems rather topical I'm going to go with a Rad. They're the political activist kids who would organize and agitate for change. Since this is still Cyberpunk, the upper case C is important, they aren't above using psychological tactics to get what they want done.

Step 2 and 3. Provide Details and Description

Game asks next for Gender (it's Sex but this was 95 so let's update our language here and now), Age, Height, Weight, and a description.

Last few characters have been dudes, let's make a woman. She's 16 and is 5'8 and who cares about weight because again let's update this for the future.

Description is going to be a lot easier. She's been politically active forever, and has been fighting for democratic reform as long as she can remember. The setting in the world is that US is gone and replaced with the Incorporated States of America, and this character has been organizing grass roots movements to try to make small democratic reforms. Lately she's been fighting for the rights of Carbon Plague victims because she doesn't trust any of the propaganda coming from the government and the corporations because she's heard it all before.

She's Chumash, and was born and raised in Night City. She's got long hair, that she frequently braids, and is button fiend. If there's a button for an event, she's got it someone on her button coat. It's just a regular denim jacket, but the buttons are all over it. It's even helped her out in a fight a few times, and ended up stabbing her once or twice.

Step 4. Yogang stuff.

When you pick your yogang, you get some gear to start the game with.
1. Personal V-Term
2. Armored Duster (AR5) with 20 pockets inside
3. Tracker and 10 Tracer Pins
4. Light Handgun

Step 5. Stats

You get 50 points to put into your stats. There are nine of them. A lot of them look familiar, there's INT (Intelligence), REF (Reflexes), EMP (Empathy), LUCK. There are some ones that are very Cyberpunk. There's an ATT (attractiveness) stat (because it's cyberpunk, the how you look doing things matters in the game). A COOL (how well you keep it) stat, as well as a TECH stat for technical ability. There's a MOVE and a BODY (strength) stat as well.

Minimum is 2 maximum is 8 with 5 being the average because in Cyberpunk you max stat is 10 . I figure someone who is very brainy, and not afraid of physical stuff but isn't someone who wants to spend a lot of time with tech.

INT 8, TECH 2, BODY 6, REF 5, MOVE 3, EMP 8, COOL 7, LUCK 5, ATT 6

Not much of a runner either, but she doesn't try to be in places where she'll have to run.

Step 6. Your Wounds

Because she's got a BODY of 6 that means her HITS are 6 (basically HP, but it's more based around a streamlined version of the old Cyberpunk Interlock system).

Step 7. Skills

I get 40 points to put into my stats. There are 11 basic stats, and 1 yogang stat. Everything has to have at least 1 point in it, and the maximum is 8. Having a 3 in a stat is considered average.

The list is a condensed list, and it's something that I've always enjoyed. I like it when there are a lot of things that cover a wide range of possibilities. List of skills are:

Streetfighting - Punching, Kicking, Shooting
Jockstuff - Running, Jumping, Climbing up a tree (hiding the makeup up there)
Blend - Making yourself vanish in normal looking situations
Streetsmarts - How well do you know the people on the street, what to do, what not to do
Schoolin' - General Educaiton Skill
Little Angel - How well you can make adults discount you for being teens
Thiefstuff - B&E, thieving stuff, that kind of thing
Get A Clue - General notice and awareness
GenSpeak - The ability to communicate in slang or code
Fearless Leader - How well you can get people to follow you
GoGo - Driving, riding, moving things with wheels really.

The yogang skill that a Rad has is called Organize, which is your ability to get people out on the street doing thing. It's also your ability to prey upon people's weaknesses to get them to do what you want.

Seriously, the game is so different the older I get. When I was younger, I didn't see the sinister side of a lot of the yogangs but holy hell there's a lot you can do to play this dark.

Anyway, skills. Fighting isn't a priority, but not something to ignore. Not much for running and jumping, and for blending either. Which means that I think she's not one for pretending to be something she's not.With that in mind, this is what I got:

Streetfighting 3, Jockstuff 2, Blend 1, Streetsmarts 5, Schoolin' 4, Little Angel 1, Thiefstuff 3, Get A Clue 5, GenSpeak 3, Fearless Leader 3, GoGo 5, Organize 5

That's 40 points on the button. Again, I used to do this a fair bit.

8. Your Mall Stuff
I'm not going to buy anything, because one of the cool thing this game does is that it plays the first session as character creation. It gets a bunch of characters from disparate walks of live and gives you a stressful situation for them to deal with. Doesn't even ask you to do all these stats first. I starts with "Who are you, okay run for it."

9. CyberGen Type
This is also something that comes from the game. I rarely had people start evovled, but it happened fairly quickly. To be honest, it was a great way to get players who might not have been into the game into the game a lot more because now they had cool powers that made them hunted by the government.

10. Your Tag
Time to name the character. a letter and it was N so I'm going with Nichole "Pins" Lloyd because that was also randomly generated with a name generator. Pins is what I'm keeping though because I like it.

Below is the character sheet, int two parts because you can't fill the PDF, and editing it to type in it is also ... prohibited ... for some ... reason.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Actual Play Report - Dragon Age

I had a good time today. I ended up running a Dragon Age game for my son's 20th birthday with two of his friends. Daegan has a pretty good knowledge of DA, his friend Basil had played DA:O and DA:I a while ago so he was rusty and Saiden has no knowledge what so ever.

Because it's Dragon Age, I got to have fun putting it somewhere. I decided that I had put it 30 years after the Inquisition in Fereldan. Alistair had two children who were of age, and decided that he was going to give the throne to his younger daughter, because she viewed it more as a responsibility than a right. He was also having the nightmares so he was going to voluntarily leave the throne.

With that little bit of information, they made their character.

We had Marden Macoda a Fereldan Freeman, who was looking to get money to buy back his land from the Arl of West Hills. There was Oerik Gundaar, a surface dwarf who wanted to explore based on the stories he had heard. He wanted to travel to all the important places that those who defeated the last blight had visited. He also wanted to display the value of surface dwarves and help raise them up in the caste system. They joined forces because they would end up helping each other. Finally there was Alistair with no last name. He was a city elf from the alienage in West Hills whose family had been wrongfully accused of a crime and were executed for it. Alistair (named after the King) wanted to advance elven freedom regardless of the cost. He had signed on as their servant, because it would give him access to various places he normally wouldn't appear and he would have an excuse.

Game started, and they ended up in Redcliffe looking for adventure. Tried to show that it was a bit better than it had been before. There's no alienage (like in DA:I) and things were fairly integrated. It wasn't as if all people treated all elves fairly, but it was better than most. I gave Alistair an option to mess around with a rich merchant who had berated an elf for dropping a package, but he just helped her pick up the packages and deliver them to the house. The whole kitchen staff would have covered anything up, but he just tipped his hat and then met them in the tavern.

They had heard that the Arl was taking petitions with the Future Queen (Elizabeth Theirin) who was visiting. They split up and one of them decided to wait in line, while the others listened to what was happening in the tavern to see if there were any jobs available. Oerik was in line, and he decided to pass the time by telling a story about a great monster hunter named Martin (he kept getting Marden's name wrong, it was a great thing that came up a few times and every time it was a different name) who had just come to town. While Marden and Alistair heard about a pack of giant spiders who kept coming back year after year and they needed to get someone to clean out the nest.

I figured that was "Dragon Age'y enough for a "let's figure this out" kind of game.

Anyway, they went in and fought the spiders (who have a minor challenge rating but ... yeah ... no. Armor is a pain if you're not swinging a big sword) and they discovered that the reason they kept coming back was that there was a crack further down that led to the deep roads. That was because 3 Genlocks showed up and started fighting the spiders. Eventually only the players were left standing, which is when they discovered the hole in the wall.

They stuck their heads in and Oerik saw something shiny on a statue down the rock slide and across the path to a statue. To help raise money he ended up running down to get it, which is when a Hurlock and two other Genlocks showed up. They managed to get the ring, run away and kill the Hurlock, having the two Genlocks run away in cowardice.

They end up covering the hole as best as possible, and make it back to town. Their efforts led the Captain of the town watch, Captain Carvella, to provide them with an introduction to the Arl. It allowed them to skip the line and get directly to the Arl. They get brought into a nice room, and wait for a bit and then Arl Connor Guerrin (the boy you can rescue in DA:O, I decide that you did and he managed to take over with a Templar companion, named Maeghan. I had an idea of how that worked but we didn't get into it really) showed up to thank them and pay them for their time.

That's when the Future Queen showed up to complain about being cooped up all day, and about this ridiculous story she heard from the cook about a new monster hunter in the city. That's when Marden mumbled his greeting, Oerik took the opportunity to try to spin a yarn, and Alistair was like 'this is the person I need to attack for elven freedom.'

It was a great moment. Mainly for the potential drama that would ensue.

Anyway, the next day they go to the chantry where the celebration is being held. Oriek is busy wowing the crowd with a story about their battle with the spiders. Marden was talking to the captain about what work they could be doing and for what price. That left the Arl, his Templar companion, and the Future Queen herself. There was a moment when Alistair was tempted to try to assassinate the queen. I would have let him try too, but he decided against it. So I decided to continue with my plot of having a guard run in and tell everyone that they needed to get to the castle because there were people invading.

Marden and Oerik stayed while Alistair followed the Arl and the Future Queen to the castle. They stayed and discovered that the Arl of West Hill was there representing Duncan Thierin as the true King of Fereldan. They had declared Redcliffe to be treasonous and would now be under the sway of West Hill. Marden tried to sneak away and Oerik stood up and tried to lie about how there was a way to Redcliff castle, and he knew of a secret way. I asked Basil if he was going to lead them towards the Deep Roads. It was awesome, but they had found that there was a Tevinter mage there who ended up using blood magic to pull the truth from Oerik who then threw the ring he had found at them so he could try to escape. They ran from some guards, found some horses and fled the city because someone should know abou tit.

Inside the castle, Connor said that he and Maeghan (the Templar) could hold off the mage, and the castle could hold off a siege but they needed to get Elizabeth (the Future Queen) out of the castle. The only person there was Alistair. There was that moment where he was alone with the Queen, in full armor and equipped with her weapons, that he could have tried something. Everyone else was holding his breath but he said he wasn't going to do anything and they all met up to take Elizabeth to Denerim.

So thoughts on the system! Character creation is fun, though it has a "buying phase" part that I could always do without in any game. The mechanics were fun! I think stunts are something that should apply all the time, and there were a few moments when we had to kind of come up with our own stunts, which were fun. They had a great time, which is always the goal.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Character Generation Library - Dragon Age

My son is having his 20th birthday, and usually I say that I'm going to run a game for him for his birthday. Well, his friends are notoriously difficult to schedule, so I'm going to run a game for just him this year and after much deliberation it's going to be Dragon Age.

I'm looking forward to it, because I bought the Dragon Age book because I'm a huge fan of the series (number 2 for life) and I got to play around with it a bit but never really got the time to sit down and play that. So I'm going to make a character to refresh my memory on how to do that, and it might just give me a few ideas on what I'm going to run for his birthday.

So let's make a Dragon Age character.

There are a wide variety of options for making a character, but there's a random rolling stat version which I'm going to use because the most kind of random one and it will make me adapt to what ends up on my dice rather than having to think too hard about it. You roll 3d6 and depending on what you get you can get values from -1 to 3.

There are 8 stats Communication (I got a 1), Constitution (also a 1), Cunning (a 1), Dexterity (a 1), Magic (a 3 ... shit, I'm gonna have to be a mage now don't I?), Perception (a 2), Strength (a 0), and Willpower (a 2).

Yup. That's gonna be a mage right there. Doesn't have to be, but with that high a magic score someone at sometime was going with magic with my background. The big question is what kind of mage. I could go with either an Apostate or a Circle Mage. I decided to go with Circle Mage because I wanted to be an Elf and didn't need the extra angst of also being an Apostate and you don't do Elves in Tevinter.

When you get your background you get some set benefits. The first one is my magic goes up by one so it's now a 4, which is pretty damned impressive. Then I get to pick an ability focus, so I took Cunning (Historical Lore). I get to pick human or elf, which I did, and I get a bunch of various languages so I grabbed the Trade Tongue, Elven, and Ancient Tevene. Now you get to roll 2d6 and get those extra bonuses. I got a 6 and a 9 which means I got Perception (Seeing) and Cunning (Cultural Lore).

Now comes the class features. A class sets your primary and secondary abilities, which is important when it comes time to levelling up. I also have my starting health of 20+Constitution+1d6 (20+1+4) for a total of 25 and I get my weapon groups of Brawling and Staves. Beyond that there are the level bonuses. As a mage at level 1 I get Arcane Lance, which is the fun magic ranged weapon you get in the video game. I don't have the focus to get the bonus, but it uses Magic to roll so that's pretty sweet if I have to fight anything. I get Mana points of 10+Magic+1d6 (10+4+2) for 16.

I have Magic Training which means I get to pick some spells. I'm going to take Heal because that only makes sense. Winter's Grasp because I liked the spell when playing the game, and then I'm going with Frost Weapons. He's been focusing on how to use cold magic to make food last longer in Alienages, which is why his focus has been on primal magic. It's a fighty game, because video game, so the spells are all cold related but I like that theme.

Then I choose my starting talent, and I change choose between Chirugy, Linguistics, or Lore. I only have the pre-requisites for Linguistics so I'm going to take that. I can learn an additional language which is going to be Orlesian because why not. I think they're in Ferelden, but Orlesian is basically French so I can have fun with that.

Equipment is next, I get a backpack, travelling clothes, and a waterskin as default.

I also get one weapon and a staff as a mage. The weapon I'm going to take is just the staff, I don't see this character wielding another one. And now I have 58 sp (50+2d6) to spend on stuff. Ugh, I hate shopping. It is the worst thing in the world for me. I don't think this character needs anything, and seriously when I run it I'm more interested in the video game style of buying things. Healing potions and better weapons and armor. Way more difficult in the RPG version than the video game version so I might just do away with the money because this is meant to be a cool story rather than a "how much money you got."

Come up with a name and some distinctive features. Going to go with a Ferelden name and say Garrick, which is in the book. He's an elf, and he's missing his pinky ringer on his right hand because of frost bite.

Next are Goals and Ties. Goals are easy, because it's a solo game, but ties require other people so I'll just make something up.

Goal, to try to find old magical artifacts that can help him create ways to keep food from spoiling. There are plenty of techniques, but something that can really extend the life of a cold cellar or something like that. It was always one of the things that never really got covered in the game, circles are like universities but also in that they were doing research and study. While a lot of it felt esoteric, it's nice to have some kind of study that works towards benefiting people.

Ties, Adrianne. She's the Templar that's assigned to go with Garrick on his quests to find magical artifacts. She's not huge on the magic stuff and mages, but she's sent out with me as punishment for being a little too "harsh" with some of the circles mages.

This character is set around DA:Origins then.

And that character is done. See the sheets below.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Character Generation Library - World Wide Wrestling

Ended up looking at the bottom of my list and saw my folder for all my *World games (yes I know it's pbta but I like my wildcard characters okay) and decided I'd do one of them. That means World Wide Wrestling because very much yes. I'm a huge wrestling fan, not necessarily the biggest wrestling fan in the world but still, it's so much fun.

Anyway, I used to play in this facebook wrestling game. It wasn't much of a game, the whole thing was really luck based and build based and kind of meh. But the beautiful part of the game was all the trash talking and storylines that you would get to do. Like all things, if you had terrible people it was terrible but there were some amazing folks on there that were super fun to play with. I remember one time my character and another character had a set of Shakespearean insults going back and forth. There was another time when I was able to finally win a title because of how the storyline played out. It was just so much fun.

That's the character I want to make. Billy "Big Brains" Bonanza, the smartest man in The Game. He even had his entrance music which was Atmosphere's Smart Went Crazy because it fit so well.

Anyway, let's see if I can shoe horn my favourite kind of wrestler in there. The super big talker who doesn't necessarily have the flashiest move set. Something along the lines of the Miz, who I used to hate but have grown to love in his smarmy heel role this past year.

Step one is choosing a playbook, and I got a bit stuck. Brought it up on twitter and ended up talking with Nathan about this, and there really isn't a playbook for that. We discussed doing things from the International Incident files about using the Indie Darling, but it still wasn't quite what I was looking for and it feels kind of like "Well, you should be using the main book since that's what you're doing" so I'm going to go with the Golden Boy because it fits the most from the main book. It's all about talking and less about wrestling.

Now you get your starting stats which is Look +1, Power 0, Real -2, Work -1 and then I get to add a +1 to any of those stats. Look is your IT factor, your charisma. Power is your strength and the moves you get to make. Real is how you can blur the lines between kayfabe and reality, and Work is your wrestling ability. I don't want a -1 to Work, so I'm going to give my bonus to Work which makes my stats.

Look +1, Power 0, Real -2 and Work 0.

Next comes Heat which is how intense and how much the crowd gets into the relationship between wrestlers. This is where you'd be making these characters with everyone, so that it's a little bit harder to do in this case. I'll just make up some wrestlers and answer the questions and build up the heat there.

Who did I debut with (and leave behind)?
My former tag team partner Grey Stallion. We were Brains and Brawn but we were quickly split up after the first few months because Stallion really couldn't talk on the mic. He's been jobbing to everyone lately.
Who's taken me under their wing?
Jebb Wilson, the "rival promoter" who is here to invade the company. We're hoping we can convince creative to let us work together and I can be the backstabber who joins the other side.
Who's jealous of my rapid rise?
The current Champion, Jake Rise. He thought I was going to end up with Stallion, and talked smack about me in the locker room. Now that I'm on the rise, he's unhappy with the situation.
Who has taken upon themselves to teach me a lesson in the ring?
Jake Rise, he's said to other people that he's going to show me what "real wrestling" is.

That means I have +1 Heat with Stallion and Wilson, and +2 Heat with Jake Rise.

Now I'm going to pick my two moves. I have my finisher (which is called Dumbfounded which is basically the Blue Thunder Bomb because that looks awesome for something kind of straight forward) and two other moves. I'm going to take Dynasty Scion which is going to up my Look by +1 and then I'm going to take I Am The Future because I know that there's a lot of threats that Billy's gonna make because he's always going to threaten to out smart his opposition.

That's really it. There is more thought to the game, and a whole section on how to play your wrestler but that's for down the line and not something that I'm going to be doing now.

Here's the character sheet:

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