Monday, May 19, 2008


So here I am starting this thing again. Hopefully I'll actually post to it, though I'll probably post the more interesting version of this over at the other blog on the company website ( with images and stuff. iWeb is good for a couple of things, wysiwig formatting for images is one of them. I'm sure I can get some advice from anyone who desires to read this thing on how to do this properly so that I can make it all cool and stuff, but that's in the future!

I feel like I've broken several internet rules already by having a stupidly huge URL. Well, to that I have only one thing to say ... at least its memorable. A lot better than if I threw it together as an acronym. Not that I didn't try, but aigd was already taken by the L'Associazione Italiana Giuoco Dama
. Love to tell you what they are, but I don't speak Italian.

Anyway, I'll get on putting the stuff from the other blog over here to make it look like I was doing a lot of work tonight when in reality it's all just a cut and paste job.

Wait, I shouldn't have told you that. Pretend this never happened.

- Fixing an Opportunity

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