Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Geasa FAQ

I got asked if there was a FAQ for Geasa. There isn't one, but I figure that I might as well have a place where people can go and ask questions. So, here is the post where I say, "Ask any question about Geasa that you want."
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Jamie said...

My 6-year old daughter and I have burned out on Faery's Tale. Tell me, is Gaesa the next game for us and why?

Jonathan said...

If you've burned out of Faery's Tale you'll love Geasa because it gives you a little bit more in the way of freedom of what you can play. You build your characters with your setting so if she wants to play in a fun fantasy world she can do that, or if she wants to play in space with space fighters she can do that too.

It's also interesting because she can always be involved. If she thinks she'd have fun playing a character in another scene, she can play that character because when you aren't in the spotlight you get to play the NPCs. Even if she just wants to play her Fae, she can mess things up for a lot of people. I know my (now 10 year old) child loved doing that to grown up when she was 6 (heck, she still likes it).

Mechanically the game works more on ideas rather than numbers. Your goals are what you want to achieve, your elements are just ranked from 3 to 1. Also, conflicts are resolved by matching the numbers on the dice and which side has more dice total.

So to recap:

-Freedom to play whatever she wants
-Engaged all the time by playing characters that she wants
-Easy, straightforward mechanics for resolution of everything
-Fun messing up the grown ups.

Scurvy_Platypus said...

How's it work for one-on-one play?

Jonathan said...

Wow. That's a tough question. The game was really designed to have at least three people because I wanted to have people able to focus on their Fae as well as have someone able to play NPCs (Or NPPs as they're listed in the game).

I think it could work as a one-on-one game, but it would be a very intense game for everyone. It would be like playing and GMing a solo game for each player because you'll have to not only worry about all the NPPs but the Fae as well.

I don't think there needs to be any rules that need to be added or changed to play one-on-one.

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