Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Game - Let's Play Story Time

Okay folks. I'm gonna try this every so often, just to see if people are interested in playing some blog games.

This week we're going to do story time. I'll start with one sentence, after that let's get the next line in the comments and we'll go from there.

Opening Line:

This was the last time that Ella would ever let Jacob play a mean practical joke ever again.


Jamie said...

It all started when she got to work on Friday - she sat down at her desk with her cup of coffee, jiggled the mouse to deactivate her screen-saver, and frowned at what she saw on the screen.

buffaloraven said...

Totally off topic! Sorry for the hijack.

You reviewed Fall of Granada awhile back and, as I recall, were at least somewhat interested! Wanted to let you know it's going into print in the end of April.

Travis Lindquist
( buffalo raven at gmail dot com)

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