Monday, August 27, 2012

Gen Con 2012 - The Post Con

So ... Gen Con.


Little big this year. I'm late to writing this post so you're well aware that Gen Con this past year scored 41k unique badges.  That's a lot of people, and it kind of felt like it. If you don't know what my schedule kind of is like, I tend to spend most of my time at the Smirk and Dagger booth helping out because they make great games and they're just a phenomenal group of people.

That said when they opened the door to the VIGs (I still hate that name, for some unknown reason) I completely lost track of the time and found myself going, "This is pretty good for a Thursday, excellent pacing for demo time, lots of people wandering about."

Then they opened the doors and I wondered if I had managed to time warp into Saturday. It was huge, tonnes of people everywhere and it was non stop.  However, I'm sure you already know that.

I ended up running four games there, and there were some great moments.

The game of Geasa ended up being about the military during Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the two main plot lines that formed out of it were a Navy SEAL instructor who wanted to come out to his Base Commander Dad, the second was a denied applicant who was looking for revenge and her idiot cousin on the Base.

There was a really great moment too, the phone call between the dad and the son.  It was just priceless.

"Son, your mother told me to call back because I might have been a bit abrupt. What is bothering you?"
"You would like to come over for dinner? We'll make it intimate ... about 12 people."

The other moment when the mom was there to support her son coming out to the dad, and watched him slink away in utter terror. It was heartbreaking.

The Importance of Being Gwendolyn went off swimmingly well.  There was someone who was just happy to be there because she loved the title, and she didn't leave the game disappointed at all.

There was also more cookie mayhem, with all the stomping and crashing in the Run For Your Life Candyman game. I picked up a copy of Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja Educational Preparatory Super Elementary Fortress *breathes in deep* 555. Ports of Call for Bulldogs!  Saw some people, ate some food.

Gen Con, basically.  Not to say that it was perfect, I have heard things about stuff which is more than disconcerting. However, that's GenCon too.

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