Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some People Actually Playing Games - Geasa

There is a post of an Actual Play of Geasa up on UK Roleplayers and cross posted on Story Games. Reading it reminded me greatly that the game needs some stuff updated, and explained better with the rules and some of the expectations.

That said, they seem to have enjoyed themselves and though they modified the rules a little bit in regards to Fae it's an interesting choice to limit the number of Fae. That's an idea because they might end up with a lot more power because they're drawing on more than a single person. I originally hadn't wanted to do that because I didn't want to mix up the dice.

Maybe an idea would be to have each person use different coloured dice so that you could return them to their rightful owner? Maybe it could just be a case of taking the dice and providing the lion's share to the person getting beaten over the head with Faery Power and the rest to people who need it.

Anyway, back to West Side Horror and doing my update to what to do there.

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