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#gamechef2013 reviews 17-20 w/ 5 French Game

A little over 1/5 of the way there! Let's keep this show a rolling.

Game Chef English 2013

17. Uncertain Paths by Gareth Hanrahan

Twitter Pitch: A semi-competitive storytelling engine of certain fates.

The Good: The part where you're constantly faced with the "which one do I pick?" option for deciding what happens to this hero is awesome. It could even last longer if each player had their own character and you took turns going around and being the masks for everyone else.

The Bad: I think the traits section needs to be cleaned up, it could have been a lot simpler for the same kind of effect.

The Other: I wouldn't call it even semi-competitive, mainly because there isn't a competitive element to it. Quick fix, give Mask players a point or something when they get picked. Now you're really going to want to make sure you get picked.

Would I play it? Haha! You picked the worm! Now I'm going to do horrible things! Muahahahaha!

18. Quarantine by Adam Hake

Twitter Pitch: Your crew has been stranded on a hostile planet. Rescue is coming in a few days, however some of you are infected with alien parasites, and you don't know who to trust.

The Good: Smaller party like games are always something to strive for. I love playing The Resistance and Werewolves of Miller's Hollow but they take at minimum 5 or 8 players minimum.

The Bad: This has all the things that makes me not like Werewolves of Miller's Hollow or the other various games. There isn't any hints as to why someone might be infected, it's just by guess and by god which isn't as much fun as it could be.

The Other: Game needs a heat meter, or a thermometer or something! More information!

Would I play it? No, unfortunately.

19. The Flasher by Guy MacDonnell

Twitter Pitch: The misadventures of an exhibitionist trying to get off on a flashing fix. I am so sorry.

The Good: There really isn't anything good about this game. Seriously, I get the "I am so sorry" but I have nothing good to say about the game.

The Bad: Look, the fact that you put a "positive reaction" to flashing someone in the game speaks volumes. Uninvited exposure is never wanted, that's why it's uninvited. This is why there are clubs and things where people can to go for their various fetish needs, and even then uninvited things are never wanted because they are uninvited.

The Other: Seriously, I mean just ... fuck. I don't care actually about the design if I can't read the game without getting pissed off. And I did read every single fucking aggravating word of it.

Would I play it? Both fuck and no.

20. The Merlin Worm by Josh Porter

Twitter Pitch: Mind controlling parasites are travelling back I. Time through memories to destroy all humans at the source. There is one your brain and you must not let anyone know or super soldiers from the future will murder you.

The Good: I like the dual dice roll of highest getting something, and lowest getting something. Also the whole taking over thing seems particularly awesome, and I kind of wish it had more of an impact other than narratively.

The Bad: I don't quite see the need to keep the Questions secretive. It seems there to kind of be there. Also, you need to be clearer about the coins. The flipping coins are the big ones and the little coins are for the character sheet? Why two sets? You could easily work off of one sheet for this, no?

The Other: My usual caveat. If you're going to do a setting for something like game chef, where there is a limited time frame to do things, you should avoid using unfamiliar and possibly racist or appropriative settings. Not that this really happened here, but any place where you use because of its exotic otherness might not be a good idea.

Would I play it? Maybe once, just to get the feel for it.

French Game Chef 2013

5. P(au)(o)mmés par Anthony Boulanger

Pitch: Vous êtes des Homonculus modelés par le Runelige Thormaelf dans l'unique but de retrouver le drakkar et le corp du Roi Olaf pour lui permettre d'avour des funérailles dignes de ce souverain. Durant votre périple, choisirez-vous d'accomplir votre mission quoi qu'il en coûte ou goûterez-vous à la vie loin des chaînes d l'asservissement? [You are Homonculus, modeled by the Runeliege Thormaelf in the goal of discovering the drakkar and the body of King Olaf to give him his proper funeral rights. On your journey, will you choose to accomplish your mission regardless of the cost, or will you fight for your freedom]

Le Bon [The Good]: Ce JdR est vraiment ambitieux. Il y a beaucoup de mechanisme en jeux, et l'idée de jouer des Homonculus au control des Runelige est un idée que j'aimerais voir de plus. [This is a very ambitious idea for an RPG. There's a lot of mechanics here, and the idea of having that under control of a far distant figure is something I'd like to see.]

Le Mauvais [The Bad]: Cependant, il y un peut trops de runes pour moi. Aussi, j'ai pas vu beaucoup de machanisms pour votre liberté.  [However, there's a lot of runes, too many for me. I also didn't see a lot of mechanics that would deal with your fight for freedom.]

L'Autre [The Other]: La majority de ce document et utiliser pour la creation des personnage. Un example de jeu, ou des idée pour jouer le jeux sera bien apprécié. [Most of the document is the character creation. Some game examples, or ideas on how to run this would have been appreciated.]

Jouons [Would I play it]? Non, mais ces à cause de mes limites, et non pas celles du jeux. [No, but I think that's more because of my rusty french than the game.]

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