Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Previously Generated - Veronica Monsterhearts

Okay, so we all love Veronica Mars, right?

Here's a thought: Veronica Monsterhearts.

Now the more I think about it, the more I'd rather have its own set of playbooks (skins, but if it were to be redone then it would be something appropriate, right?) But barring that, how do you play Veronica Mars using Monsterhearts? By adding investigation rules!

Additional Basic Move

Get the Money Shot

Whenever you investigate a situation looking for information, ROLL+*. On a 10+ you get the information that helps further the case. On a 7-9, you get the information but it's either incomplete, gives you a new suspect, or costs a lot. On a 6- you get the information but the MC is going take this opportunity to make a hard move. Good luck.

Each skin picks an investigation style. There's the with Force, with Flair, with Deduction, with Seduction, with Connections. The *** depends on the investigation style: with Force uses Volatile, with Flair uses Dark, with Deduction uses Cold, with Seduction uses Hot and with Connections uses # of strings (max +3).

More Fun With Strings!

The second thing you add is another way for strings to play in with the investigation. If you have a string on someone, you can spend it when someone is looking to Get The Money Shot to implicate another character in the rim.

Example: The Vampire has a string on the Werewolf, and the Mortal is investigating the death of the Ghost. The Vampire spends the string to make the clue the Mortal receives to point towards the Werewolf. The Vampire doesn't actually plant information, he just spends the string to make that happen because Drama damn it.


And a big thank you to Amber, Krista and Darcy for the slight kicks of "that's awesome do it."


Rob Deobald said...

Would you make each player pick their investigative style before the game started? Or just have them describe how they are investigating and make the call on a case by case basis?

Jonathan said...

My thought would be pick before the game rather than just pick how they're doing it.

However, both could work it depends if you want some sort of niche protection or if the stats would do it themselves.

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