Friday, November 5, 2010

CyberGeneration - Sponsors?

Someone over at the Firestorm Ink forums, a barren wasteland where very few people gather to talk about CyberGen and hopefully other stuff when I get that released, there was a discussion about maybe setting things up so that there is a Sponsor program. This Sponsor program would be something like Kickstarter, though I don't think that there would be a time limit other than when we get the book out, where you pre-order + extra and you get some cool stuff.

There are a couple of questions that come with this. What would you think would be a viable price point to get things. We're looking at making the book at the $20.00 point. What would be things people would be interested in seeing?

- Name in book as a Sponsor
- Special Cover
- Alt Cover Art
- Signed Copies (some people put stock in that)
- Personalized Copies
- Cool junk from my house prizes?

Suggestions? Ideas? Help me out here folks.


ron said...


Well, while I like the idea of sponsors, I like the Kickstart route better, tho I have only been a Backer for 2 projects.

I'm not familiar with sponsoring other than Kickstarter, but I've heard about Open Design sponsoring. I first found out about Sponsoring from Green Ronin's effort to push for an "Open Design" Pathfinder product set in Freeport via Kobold Quarterly: Dark Deeds in Freeport

They have a FAQ and list the benfefits and tiers for patronage. Sounds cool, but it's for D&Ders really. I'd play it... once a month, but not too big on shelling out for that game anymore. And I'm sure they'll get enough patrons... and it's D&D really.

I found out about Kickstarter via a TAG MessBoard Post. I'm a Backer for A Terrible Ideas: 60 Char. Portraits for CC Release and Early Dark TTRPG.

What I really love is the updates and the whole "I'm in on it too" feel about Kickstarter. I don't know how the updates are handled with the Freeport Open Design, but I think that seeing the pledge goal and time left pushes a sense of urgency. And I do like the format of an update timeline and the gimmicky (but effective on me) little videos posted.

But I really don't know the following of Cybergen, or Firestorm Ink for that matter, but I think as a RPGer, I like the idea of Backing projects with some transparency and involvement (voting on images, playtests, and choosing monetary pledge).

I'd definitely shell out $20 for your project as a patron rather than buying it off the bookshelf. Here's where I guess my value system comes into play: I'd rather take a chance on an investment(emotional really) over a straight purchase(curiosity really). And on top of that it may come with some other perks packaged up with the patronage too.

Now the other thing is you're a TAGger and I've met you and played in a game you've run, so I'm biased, therefore I'll buy it. But that being the case, I'd push that much harder to get folks to "buy into" what you've got going.

I'd like to think also that these types of patronages touch upon recurring gamer themes/word usage I've noticed too: "RPG Community," "Like-Minded Gamers," and "As big a collector of RPGs as I am a player." Not that I necessarily prescribe to these things or believe in them really (okay, maybe the last one XD), but a sense of belonging and pitching in may be another draw?

IDK, just tossing in my 2-sense. Well anyways, here's hoping this is coherent and helpful XD

Good luck with Cybergen 3.0 at any rate!



reverendstyx said...

I left my comment on the board.

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