Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Game Chef 2010 - Playoffs!

It's that kind of atmosphere here folks. We're in the thick of things and it's going to go all the way!

Just kidding. The playoff format for Game Chef 2010 were just posted up on the site and we've got until December 5th to crown a winner. There is a complete list of games that made the finals, go check it out. However, to make things easier for me I've gone and posted the list of games I think people should play.

There will be one glaring omission here. I'm not really endorsing Over The Wall as a game to play. If people want to play it, sweet tell me how it doesn't work and how the setting inspires you to play it with system X, Y or Z. Hell, it might give me some ideas on what to do with it when I have a free moment ... in 2012.

Danger Mountain! by Jason Morningstar - Played it in October, which doesn't count for the contest. Have fun, cut out the cards and glue them on card stock, or foam board. Have a good time.

Long Shot by Nick Wedig - I just think that the theme, the rules and the character gen is rather amazing. It's already got a play, so that's awesome.

The Hand of Gulliver the Man-Mountain by Mike Pohjola - Two Words ... FINGER LARP!

Chronicles of Skin by Sebastian Hickey - Just make emblems for hours, that what I would do.

Cosmic Journey by Krista White - You must play the game, or else the Adversaries have already won.

Deserting Paradise by Joe Mcdaldno - I want to play the Man and the City, let me tell you. Seriously, awesome antagonist rules

Going Home: An Urban Power Fantasy by Mikael Andersson / lachek - You should because of the question map, the resolution system and because Mikael is freakin' awesome.

Man-of-Letters, Man-of-Wars by E. Tage Larsen / Double King - More Two Words. Sea Shanty!

Action City! by Mike Olson - Any Game that requires an explosion at the end of a major scene is worth playing in my book.

Bridge Across Eternity by Tamara Persikova - Again, the deserters and the feel and look of this book make me want to play it.

My completely made up prediction:

The Winner is everyone who gets a good game out of this. Is this a cop-out? Most certainly.

See you all December 5th.

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