Tuesday, July 12, 2011

24 Hour RPG Contest - THA WINNA IS ...

You can read it here, or read it over at the Free RPG Blog but we do have a winner for the 24 Hour Movie Mash up RPG competition. Without any real peep of complaint the winner is Droog Family Song Book.

My big question though, is what came in second for a lot of the judges. That's where the conversation really starts, and where it gets interesting which is why I want to bring it up.

The Silver Winner for me was All the King's Men. You can read my review of it here. What is yours and why?


Rob Lang said...

You like answering the difficult questions? The problem with all these compos we've run is that quite often you end up with 3 or 4 that are really amazing. You then have to pick between them and that comes down to an anal application of the rules. In this case DFS was head and shoulders about anything I've seen in 24 hours.

My second place isn't really a second place because it shares it with so many of the others. All the Kings Men opened my eyes to Robin Hood as a genre to play, which was a feat as being British, was too corny.

What is your second place?

Jonathan said...

Hey Rob,

There were a lot of really good entries, it's true. Not being British I don't have the Robin Hood baggage, which means that I didn't have to have my eyes opened. I love playing games where you wake up to harsh realities and have to make difficult choices. I would have enjoyed had there been more of that than a die mechanic that tells you how it's going, but it's a 24 hour rpg so it's forgivable.

My other second place is probably Spade vs. Indy. I just like the whole feel of the game, and how the two 'main' characters play off of each other. I think I could have left off the mechanic, but again 24 hour rpg. You can't complain about something that can get done in 24 hours.

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