Monday, January 23, 2012

Games I'm Running - Bulldogs! Fuck Yeah

Because I'm a grown up, I will swear on occasion. We grant this privilege to grown ups because, ostensibly, we believe that they will only use swearing at appropriate times. One of those time is whenever I mention the game Bulldogs!, because it's really hard for me not to yell, "Fuck Yeah" after saying Bulldogs! or even typing Bulldogs!.

With that in mind, I'm currently running a game of Bulldogs! Fuck Yeah! with a bunch of great people. My wonderful editor and partner Amber, Joe from over at Monkey Den Productions
and Underwear on the Outside, Geoff Bottone who I wrote Critical!: Go Westerly with and who was a big part of Slugfest Games, and Mary who currently is one of the Con Organizers for Slugfest Games.

It's going to be an awesome game. As it stands we did char gen last night and we ended up with a prototype ship that accidentally ended up as a class D ship. What makes the ship great is that it has a rather brilliant AI, but the worst part is that no one really knows how to work it since it's a prototype ship. I'm thinking that they're going to have to use a lot of the rules for guessing what they aspects of the ship are before I give them to them.

Their captain is a failed artist who is on Plan D. Not only did they fail at being an artist, but they failed at two other back up plans before ending up as the captain of a class D ship. He plays favourites, but that chances with his ephemeral and moody nature. It's so hard to be an artist after all, the ship would look much better in a chartreuse.

Our Muscle (played by Geoff) is a Dolomé that used to work for a local crime lord and had kind of signed up to get away from all that. Despite his fearsome nature, he's kind of easily intimidated which also makes him rather loyal to the captain because he's used to following orders.

The ships mechanic is a Ryjyllian named Krrl (played by Joe), though everyone calls him Karl and he hates it. He's quite adept at fighting, but finds solace in his engineering. He's on the ship because he was expelled from his clan as part of the peace negotiations between his clan and a rival clan. Now he finds himself adrift on a class D ship hoping that this motley crew can become his new clan.

The pilot is an Urseminite name Moll (played by Amber) who does the things that Urseminites do well. She drinks, she smokes and she hasn't met a vice she wasn't willing to try. She doesn't understand why people don't like her, they should because she's a people person. My favourite part of Moll is that all the weapons she got all have an aspect with the words Scary in them.

The Robot on the ship, the one who knows all the nooks and crannies, is a newly awakened bot named Syris (played by Mary). Syris comes from a Pleasure Station owned by some Ken Reeg and signed on as soon as she woke up. Basically, she woke up and got the hell out and now those deed holding Ken Reeg are looking for what they consider to be their lost property. Syris is very much the most personable one of this crew, and the only one with any medical skill.

Anyway, we'll see how this goes. I'm looking forward to running this game for these people. Now I just need to come up with some cool stuff for them to do.

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