Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Suggestion Box - Free Games

Dr. Rob Lang who run the wonderful site 1km1kt.net (at the behest of OUR GLORIOUS BENEFACTOR!) and has The Free RPG Blog put forth a request over at Story Games asking for feedback on his How to Write a Free RPG stuff. Personally I like it, I think it's fun and informative and with any How To Guide you pick what you want and discard the rest. Rob gives good advice that you can use to write large scrawling RPGs, or as Jonathan Walton mentioned you could even use this advise to write campaigns and large story arc games.

However, the good old fashioned "STOP MAKING FREE GAMES" nugget rose up again. Which I'm disappointed to have heard considering that Story Games does a lot of work with Game Chef, see Jonathan Walton championing free games.

I disagree with the STOP MAKING FREE GAMES! argument. To me it's pretty similar to the whole "STOP MAKING GAMES" gem that dropped in December. To that I say keep making games, make all the games that you want and put them out there however you want.

Because it's worth repeating, I figured I would relink all the games that are Free that I think are awesome. Feel free to download them and play them with your friends, family, allies, and enemies. Recommend them to anyone and everyone you know.

1. Warrior Rogue Mage
2. Lady Blackbird
3. Metropole Luxury Coffin
4. Action City
5. The Droog Family Songbook
6. Geasa
7. Three Black Crows, Three Dead Men

What Free Games do you suggest? There are already some good ones in the comments of a previous post on the subject.


Emmett said...

Lets give ICAR some love!

Then there's The Artifact and my work in progressSteampunkfitters

Jensan said...

The whole "STOP MAKING FREE GAMES" is so dumb. A free game doesn't cost anything, so it's basically comparable to anything that's free, and therefore is the same as saying "STOP MAKING FREE STUFF" - which obviously is dumb. "STOP MAKING FREE CAKE AND GIVE TO YOUR CO-WORKERS! IT'S DILUTING THE MARKET FOR PASTRY!"

And I recommend all free games!

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