Thursday, March 22, 2012

Design Thoughts - Worst Enemy and Templates

How do people feel about templates? I guess it depends on how we define templates because that's kind of a wide ranging word. The most obvious answer are things like classes, because that's probably the most encompassing example of a template

I kinda hate classes though. They're extremely confining, in a YOU MUST ALL BE LIKE THIS, kind of way. I know there are ways around it, but if your reaction to a class is to try to find a way to circumvent it, maybe the best thing to do is do away with them all together.

However, maybe a template is less like a class and more like a race. Think of the race you are in Bulldogs and it gives you a some typical Aspects of each race. You don't have to pick them all, in fact you're encouraged to pick a couple out of all of them. It makes sense that you should have somethings in common with others of your kind, I just don't want it to have it be the be all and end all.

Right now I'm leaning towards that kind of idea. Where you have some traits in common, and some things that make you, you that are stricktly something that's your characters.

I was also thinking that as you play you should uncover your personal history, since a lot of these types of characters are immortal, or Damn near close to it. Atrocities committed, enemies made. Sure it's kind of like a plot path but why not? I mean these are old being, I think they should have a bit of that world weariness to them. Maybe this change is how they're trying to break free?



Rob Lang said...

Love templates. Especially when reading a new system. I want templates so that I can understand the sort of characters that the players will play.

I don't want restrictions - even better, I'd like to have help in building my own templates!

Jonathan said...

*nods* If I went this route, that was always the first thought on my mind. There has to be a "Here is how I build all these templtes, here is how you build yours and some things you want to keep in mind."

I'll post more on this when I come up with something I like too. Feedback is always appreciated.

Which reminds me, I need to put the Critical Rules up on 1km1kt.

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