Sunday, July 8, 2012

Geasa - always learning stuff

You can never really know your own game well enough not to learn something about it. I ran Geasa for some friends tonight and got a pretty good wake up call on what not to do. I am now going to share this sage advise with you. This is in the hopes that you avoid this mistake.

When someone provides you with the opportunity to interact with their character, that is an opportunity you should take and introduce them to the story.  Flat out, right thing to do.  Starting to deal with a drug deal, and someone talks to you ... then you should probably make them part of the deal, even if they're ultimately going to be the ones taking you down.  Someone feels like their waiter needs to be talking to your character at your table, then let it happen and draw them into the story.  If you're too rigid with what you expect your character to do then you're going to either end up not having a lot to do, or you're going to end up isolating someone else.

Lesson learned, when someone says, "My character sees your character" that's when you walk over to say hello.

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