Saturday, June 30, 2012

Game Chef - 81 and 82

The Simurg by Chris Edwards

The Good:  It's got a straightforward mechanic that doesn't get in the way of the idea that you're travelling in your dreams to wake this mythical beast to help you.

The Bad: I don't particularly care for the skin?  There's nothing wrong with it ... it just doesn't do anything for me. 

The Other: I didn't expect to see Platonic Shadow used in such a way.  You know, the more I read all the games with ritualistic elements the more I realize I get annoyed by them.  Nothing fancy other than I get the feeling that it kinda takes itself too seriously.

Would I play it? No, but knock yourself out if you think it's cool.

Shady Grove by Daniel “Sp4m” Weishoff

The Good: It's an interesting concept, and I don't mean that sarcastically, where you have a game that tries to get a group of players working together, while being antagonistic in an interesting fashion.  It doesn't try to make cards fit, made up it's own cards and said this is how narratively you destroy them.

The Bad: Um, I've never been a huge fan of playing the various aspects of a single individual.  Again, just kinda my thing.

The Other: I really liked the cards, there's a different game that could be played with it.  What's the jargon word that we're all using now a days, a hack?  

Would I play it? Not really, but that goes back to the no super thrilled by the "exploring the life of a person" type of game.

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