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#gamechef2013 - RPG Review Recess #2 The Rise and Fall of the Majestic Ones

The Rise and Fall of the Majestic Ones by Eric Duncan

Twitter Pitch: A lost ship creates a group of superbeings, but the "infection" is spreading. Will you stay majestic or fall and break the world when you do?

This is the longer review I did as part of my 4 games I've gotta say something about. Eric was nice enough to let me post it here in full.

First of all, congratulations on not doing something heaven or hell like because I've been going through a lot of the games and this is the first superhero one I've come across. It's nice to see someone take the ingredients and go in a very different direction than most people, and it still really sticks to a lot of the theme of Game Chef. I can see what you did without having to try to stretch an interpretation on it. Double Kudos there.

I don't have much to say in the "you might have wanted to do things differently category" because a lot of this is pretty solid. I see a lot of Cortexy like action on the player rolls section, but I love how the challenge is a bunch of d6s just more depending on the situation and that 1s give you the cards that have an impact on the results. The cards, I wish there were more of them as in you went to the site and grabbed more icons for them because I really like them but having really only 8 variants seems a little low, even if there are 3 elements to each card. That will make it feel a little bit more "What's going to happen when we draw this" because I can see a pile of 1s in a major conflict and then you can kind of be left with ... now what?

I think you could have gone a little further on what "Out" means on the Damage Level. Talking about Dying when you're Out is good, but I think there could have been a little more clarity on what "Out" does to the character. You had a lot of word space left, you could have used some of it on that. 

Just an added nice touch I wanted to mention was the "Hey, careful about playing Corruption as a Mental or Physical disability because you don't need to be an asshole" in the Corruption section. I read it and went, "Awesome and good job!" there may have been some fist pumping,
This is a great little supers game that really deals with the darker side of super powers in that Aberrant kind of way. It seems quick to get into, and quick to figure out how to play and with just a little more in depth explanation of the outcomes and a few extra bits of variety in the cards (but really, that can pretty much be said of all game chef games "clearer explanations! more variety!").

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Thanks for the kind and honest review of the game.

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