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Previously Generated - NHL RPG - Kiss of the Ice Duck

There was a conversation on Twitter between RPG Writer, Editor and Generally all around Awesome Guy Clark Valentine, and amazing, talented, author Jocelyn Koehler about hockey. Well, it was kind of tangentially related to hockey. He had mentioned Leaf-Bruins and she said it sounded like a D&D creature.

Of course, knowing of my love of thing geeky and hockey colliding so I'm going to bring you some things you'll find in the NHL RPG: Kiss of the Ice Duck (title suggested by Jocelyn Koehler). I'm going to use Dungeon World for stats, mainly because that's the latest Fantasy Game I've played, and one that more people do play. If someone wants to do it for another fantasy game, please feel free and we'll post and or link it here.

Leaf Bruin

Group, Large, Animal, Aggressive
Armor 2 (Front)
Armor 3 (Rear)
D8 Damage
12 HP

The Leaf Bruin is a large bear creature with blue and black fur that is prone to violent outbursts when provoked, usually by poking at it with sharp objects. It tends to be overly aggressive at times, which has caused it to charge over things necessarily, but thankfully it has even greater armor on it's back end which prevents all kinds of damage.  They tend to fight in groups, but do better when they're outnumbered or when there is an equal number on both sides. As soon as there is any sort of advantage, the Leaf Bruin starts to get too fancy and is easily defeated.

They are found in the Eastern Lands, and are a rarer combination. The Leaf Bruin hasn't been seen by most people for almost a decade. Not enough to have people forget them, but long enough that people were used to not seeing them around.


  • To control their territory
  • To run over enemies


  • I will run you down

Blues Kings

Solitary, Medium, Intelligent, Magical
Armor 5
D6 Damage
10 HP

The Blues Kings are a ruling class of musicians that run the city of Missornia in the West, a place filled with intrigue, magic and mystery. Each Blues King has their own style, and their own plots in the city though they are frequently not seen without their massive armor that they wear to prevent them from the many assassination plots that occur. Despite their individual agendas, they do have a leader named The Backes who has a particular vendetta against the Frigid North. He frequently leads his forces against them, and is willing to take on anyone who has any ties to them including other Blues Kings.

Instinct (Which Blues King has that Instinct):
  • To be the one true Blues King (All)
  • To punch all the foes of the north (The Backes)
  • To destroy The Dry Island (Richards Carter)
  • To reclaim the clone Doty (Doughty)

  • There is magic in the music
  • The one true authority

Red Wing Duck

Horde, Small, Magical
D6 Damage
6 HP

The Blues Kings have their own flying force, made up of a magical mash of a wide variety of creatures until the Red Wing Duck was born. They fly in large numbers, and dive to attack their foes using their super heated wings to sear people, and burn down structures. They have pin point accuracy, and when a group of them attack it can be over in a wingbeat before they go off to their next target as demanded by the Blues King.

They're a big reason why Missournia hasn't been attached in recent memory. The Red Wing Ducks destroy any siege engines that get remotely close to the city. Any that manage to get past the Red Wing Ducks end up crushed against the Kron Wall.

  • To burn the target
  • To obey the Blues King

  • Searing wing beats

Penguin Islanders

Horde, Medium, Intelligent
D6 Damage
6 HP

To the east, there is a small group of islands that are home to a group of enterprising penguins. While sometimes they've been dropped by their neighbouring flyers, these free flying animals have been known to come off the island and defend the East from any threats from the West. The Penguin Islanders are larger, flightless birds who have grown opposable thumbs, and stand around six feet in height. They are excellent swimmers, and are recognized as premier divers among the Eastern Lands. They are incredible fisher folk who have rising to prominence because of the shrewd manoeuvring of their leader The Shero.

The Shero has been successful because he's been able to get people, and transform them into effective and efficient Penguins. Every year he manages to take outsiders and integrate them successfully into his forces. Recently he took an Oil Flame and integrated him into one of the best teams he has. If there is one flaw of the Penguin Islanders is that they have a weakness for flowers. If there are too many flowers, then the Penguin Islanders get distracted they tend to miss a lot of events.

  • To dive in the water
  • Well co-ordinated attack

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