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Character Generation Library - Dragon Age

My son is having his 20th birthday, and usually I say that I'm going to run a game for him for his birthday. Well, his friends are notoriously difficult to schedule, so I'm going to run a game for just him this year and after much deliberation it's going to be Dragon Age.

I'm looking forward to it, because I bought the Dragon Age book because I'm a huge fan of the series (number 2 for life) and I got to play around with it a bit but never really got the time to sit down and play that. So I'm going to make a character to refresh my memory on how to do that, and it might just give me a few ideas on what I'm going to run for his birthday.

So let's make a Dragon Age character.

There are a wide variety of options for making a character, but there's a random rolling stat version which I'm going to use because the most kind of random one and it will make me adapt to what ends up on my dice rather than having to think too hard about it. You roll 3d6 and depending on what you get you can get values from -1 to 3.

There are 8 stats Communication (I got a 1), Constitution (also a 1), Cunning (a 1), Dexterity (a 1), Magic (a 3 ... shit, I'm gonna have to be a mage now don't I?), Perception (a 2), Strength (a 0), and Willpower (a 2).

Yup. That's gonna be a mage right there. Doesn't have to be, but with that high a magic score someone at sometime was going with magic with my background. The big question is what kind of mage. I could go with either an Apostate or a Circle Mage. I decided to go with Circle Mage because I wanted to be an Elf and didn't need the extra angst of also being an Apostate and you don't do Elves in Tevinter.

When you get your background you get some set benefits. The first one is my magic goes up by one so it's now a 4, which is pretty damned impressive. Then I get to pick an ability focus, so I took Cunning (Historical Lore). I get to pick human or elf, which I did, and I get a bunch of various languages so I grabbed the Trade Tongue, Elven, and Ancient Tevene. Now you get to roll 2d6 and get those extra bonuses. I got a 6 and a 9 which means I got Perception (Seeing) and Cunning (Cultural Lore).

Now comes the class features. A class sets your primary and secondary abilities, which is important when it comes time to levelling up. I also have my starting health of 20+Constitution+1d6 (20+1+4) for a total of 25 and I get my weapon groups of Brawling and Staves. Beyond that there are the level bonuses. As a mage at level 1 I get Arcane Lance, which is the fun magic ranged weapon you get in the video game. I don't have the focus to get the bonus, but it uses Magic to roll so that's pretty sweet if I have to fight anything. I get Mana points of 10+Magic+1d6 (10+4+2) for 16.

I have Magic Training which means I get to pick some spells. I'm going to take Heal because that only makes sense. Winter's Grasp because I liked the spell when playing the game, and then I'm going with Frost Weapons. He's been focusing on how to use cold magic to make food last longer in Alienages, which is why his focus has been on primal magic. It's a fighty game, because video game, so the spells are all cold related but I like that theme.

Then I choose my starting talent, and I change choose between Chirugy, Linguistics, or Lore. I only have the pre-requisites for Linguistics so I'm going to take that. I can learn an additional language which is going to be Orlesian because why not. I think they're in Ferelden, but Orlesian is basically French so I can have fun with that.

Equipment is next, I get a backpack, travelling clothes, and a waterskin as default.

I also get one weapon and a staff as a mage. The weapon I'm going to take is just the staff, I don't see this character wielding another one. And now I have 58 sp (50+2d6) to spend on stuff. Ugh, I hate shopping. It is the worst thing in the world for me. I don't think this character needs anything, and seriously when I run it I'm more interested in the video game style of buying things. Healing potions and better weapons and armor. Way more difficult in the RPG version than the video game version so I might just do away with the money because this is meant to be a cool story rather than a "how much money you got."

Come up with a name and some distinctive features. Going to go with a Ferelden name and say Garrick, which is in the book. He's an elf, and he's missing his pinky ringer on his right hand because of frost bite.

Next are Goals and Ties. Goals are easy, because it's a solo game, but ties require other people so I'll just make something up.

Goal, to try to find old magical artifacts that can help him create ways to keep food from spoiling. There are plenty of techniques, but something that can really extend the life of a cold cellar or something like that. It was always one of the things that never really got covered in the game, circles are like universities but also in that they were doing research and study. While a lot of it felt esoteric, it's nice to have some kind of study that works towards benefiting people.

Ties, Adrianne. She's the Templar that's assigned to go with Garrick on his quests to find magical artifacts. She's not huge on the magic stuff and mages, but she's sent out with me as punishment for being a little too "harsh" with some of the circles mages.

This character is set around DA:Origins then.

And that character is done. See the sheets below.

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