Monday, January 2, 2017

Character Generation Library - World Wide Wrestling

Ended up looking at the bottom of my list and saw my folder for all my *World games (yes I know it's pbta but I like my wildcard characters okay) and decided I'd do one of them. That means World Wide Wrestling because very much yes. I'm a huge wrestling fan, not necessarily the biggest wrestling fan in the world but still, it's so much fun.

Anyway, I used to play in this facebook wrestling game. It wasn't much of a game, the whole thing was really luck based and build based and kind of meh. But the beautiful part of the game was all the trash talking and storylines that you would get to do. Like all things, if you had terrible people it was terrible but there were some amazing folks on there that were super fun to play with. I remember one time my character and another character had a set of Shakespearean insults going back and forth. There was another time when I was able to finally win a title because of how the storyline played out. It was just so much fun.

That's the character I want to make. Billy "Big Brains" Bonanza, the smartest man in The Game. He even had his entrance music which was Atmosphere's Smart Went Crazy because it fit so well.

Anyway, let's see if I can shoe horn my favourite kind of wrestler in there. The super big talker who doesn't necessarily have the flashiest move set. Something along the lines of the Miz, who I used to hate but have grown to love in his smarmy heel role this past year.

Step one is choosing a playbook, and I got a bit stuck. Brought it up on twitter and ended up talking with Nathan about this, and there really isn't a playbook for that. We discussed doing things from the International Incident files about using the Indie Darling, but it still wasn't quite what I was looking for and it feels kind of like "Well, you should be using the main book since that's what you're doing" so I'm going to go with the Golden Boy because it fits the most from the main book. It's all about talking and less about wrestling.

Now you get your starting stats which is Look +1, Power 0, Real -2, Work -1 and then I get to add a +1 to any of those stats. Look is your IT factor, your charisma. Power is your strength and the moves you get to make. Real is how you can blur the lines between kayfabe and reality, and Work is your wrestling ability. I don't want a -1 to Work, so I'm going to give my bonus to Work which makes my stats.

Look +1, Power 0, Real -2 and Work 0.

Next comes Heat which is how intense and how much the crowd gets into the relationship between wrestlers. This is where you'd be making these characters with everyone, so that it's a little bit harder to do in this case. I'll just make up some wrestlers and answer the questions and build up the heat there.

Who did I debut with (and leave behind)?
My former tag team partner Grey Stallion. We were Brains and Brawn but we were quickly split up after the first few months because Stallion really couldn't talk on the mic. He's been jobbing to everyone lately.
Who's taken me under their wing?
Jebb Wilson, the "rival promoter" who is here to invade the company. We're hoping we can convince creative to let us work together and I can be the backstabber who joins the other side.
Who's jealous of my rapid rise?
The current Champion, Jake Rise. He thought I was going to end up with Stallion, and talked smack about me in the locker room. Now that I'm on the rise, he's unhappy with the situation.
Who has taken upon themselves to teach me a lesson in the ring?
Jake Rise, he's said to other people that he's going to show me what "real wrestling" is.

That means I have +1 Heat with Stallion and Wilson, and +2 Heat with Jake Rise.

Now I'm going to pick my two moves. I have my finisher (which is called Dumbfounded which is basically the Blue Thunder Bomb because that looks awesome for something kind of straight forward) and two other moves. I'm going to take Dynasty Scion which is going to up my Look by +1 and then I'm going to take I Am The Future because I know that there's a lot of threats that Billy's gonna make because he's always going to threaten to out smart his opposition.

That's really it. There is more thought to the game, and a whole section on how to play your wrestler but that's for down the line and not something that I'm going to be doing now.

Here's the character sheet:

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