Saturday, August 28, 2010

Game Design and the Single Parent

I'm just watching the internet flow by, like you do, and something struck me. There are a lot of people doing a lot of really cool things. This is awesome, and I hope to join the awesome stuff parade when Geasa comes out. However, it got me think about designing as a single parent.

I may only officially be a single parent recently, and that is a rather loose term to use since Monkey's mother still is involved with her life and is where she spends most of her sleep time, but I have been bearing the load of parent hood for over a year now and it made me think about how that impacts how I design games. I do think that it has slowed me down a bit. This only makes sense because that's what parenthood is. You take what you want to do and find a way to wrap it around the vast tracts of time, energy and space that your children demand. It's just that its amazing how much of the time you spend without them is spent on recovering. You kind of got to force yourself to push past that barrier in order to do things like blog, or write a game. This only increases the amount of time you need to recover afterwards. I know that there are days that I sleep about twelve hours bbecause the rest of the week was spent working on two to three hours at most.

There are also these things called conventions. This is where a lot of the networking, personal advertising happens. They are kind of important to go to if you want to do this in any type of seriousness. Things get a lot more expensive when you have to feed another mouth. You can starve yourself if it comes down to it, but when your kid is hungry your going to make sure that they are fed.

That is enough of this, maybe I'll write more when things occur to me.
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