Monday, August 23, 2010

Party Games

One of the things that I haven't been too good at is coming up with party games. You know the type, the one that deals with words or phrases or some such thing. The kind of games that you bring out when there are a large number of people and a certain level of alcohol. Yeah, those types of games.

Not to say that these games aren't bad. I love those types of games. One of the homeschooling moms brings in Taboo all the time. I grew up playing Boggle, and Charades, and Pictionary. These games are a lot of fun. They just aren't the types of games that spring to my mind when I start designing games. Then, at Gencon, we were just talking at dinner and making jokes, like any table of friends would do, and all of a sudden a party game sprang out of it.

Now I find myself trying to come up with the rules for this game and its harder than I thought. The problem, unlike the more standard hobby games that I tend to make, is that the game itself is rather simple, and I'm worried that people will get bored with it too easily. Now, instead of cutting overly complicated rules and ideas, I find myself trying to make them up. It is an interesting problem to have for once.
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