Monday, October 18, 2010

Game Chef - Cutting down the Binder

Okay, there have been comments that I have too many games in the Binder. I'm going to go through them all and give them slightly more comments, not too many comments because there are still a lot of them.

I'll try to cut it down to about 10 because the binder is actually going to explode soon. I'll start working on the first one tonight.


Jamie said...

Nooooo! I'm at the bottom! My last shred of self respect plucked from my grasping fingers!

Seriously though, that was my understanding, that you more or less sorted them in the order you wanted to play them. If someone only wants ten, why not tell them, "Ok, just play the top 10?"

Jonathan said...

More or less.

However, that doesn't mean they can't be reordered to see how they should fit, and maybe give them a better review in general. This is less pressing to me to do than it was to get through all of them in the first place.

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