Monday, October 18, 2010

Repost - Deeper in the Game - Reward System

I just checked out this post over at Deeper in the Game and it got me thinking about stuff we might need to do for 3.0 because I know that there were many times where I was running it where I did get that feeling.


stroncium said...

From scientifical definition of a game, something just requires to have some goals(reward system) to be a game. The thing that don't have goals can be a toolkit for creating games, but will never be a game.
So it's all were discovered a long ago.

Sorry for my English.

Jamie said...

Which feeling? That a reward system got in the way of roleplaying or that your players weren't roleplaying and needed a reward system?

I agree that an RPG needs to give the PC's goals but disagree that it needs some gamey mechanic like artha or XP to make it happen. Why do players pursue their best interests in In a Wicked Age? They don't get points. They don't "win." But they do it anyway...

Jonathan said...

That the players weren't really roleplaying and needed a reward system. Not something points related like Artha, but more like a big benefit when a goal is achieved.

Players pursue their best interest in In a Wicked Age because that's all they really have. In CyberGen there wasn't a place for goals so sometimes it felt like people didn't know what they wanted to do.

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