Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gamma the World - Twitter Game

I played a little bit with Fred Hicks and many other people on Twitter today. He came up with a really fun game called Gamma The World, where you take real places and make them fit into Gammaworld-like settings.

Here are a few of the highlights, or the ones I particularly enjoyed.

Washington, DC scorched by fires, home to pyrokinetics and walking-dead mutants = Ashington Dead City

A little rising water and a lot of swamp gas. Albino fish men in flooded harbor tunnels. Baltimore becomes the Baldy Moor

NYC - Victim to a sudden nuclear accident, leaving only leveled buildings and ruined bridges, known as Nuke Your City. #gammatheworld

LA - Home to a rift in time & space, LA is now swarming with creatures not meant for the human mind. Welcome to Lost Angles. #gammatheworld

@fredhicks Toronto is a nuclear cesspool after the nuclear spill. Feet are lost if you aren't ready. Now called Toe-rent-oh. #gammatheworld

@fredhicks check that. Too much nuclear. Waste from the last garbage strike creates an ooze that does the same thing. #gammatheworld

A digital hell, with programs that can rip away the very essence of anything with just paper. It is called Hellafax. #gammatheworld

Don't yet own the game, but I'm willing to back the political Boss Town and the full-of-tech-relics Chem Bridge. #gammatheworld

In Montreal a large tower appeared. Now no one can understand each other and groups fight over the name of the city. #gammatheworld

A Florida mayor goes mad with power & turns every city building into statues of his lost wife. Welcome to MyAmy. #gammatheworld

A remnant of one worldline where bands hold absolute power, the town of ToleDevo harvests energy from its citizens using hats.#gammatheworld

The Leech-Men and their Roundwormite servants haunt the swamps of Kissing-Me. Only the Humalligators can stop them.#gammatheworld

Sentient wheat use storms to recharge their electrical powers. Known as "Shockers", they can be found in Witch-It-All. #gammatheworld

@fredhicks Massive earthquakes shook the Alleghanies, leaving the Steel City full of holes. Now the Burgh is really the Pitt. #gammatheworld

Ronald is a God, and "Two all beef patties, special sauce ..." is a Psalm in SoupCan, Washing. #gammatheworld

In Denver, a family line of plant people is enslaved for the narcotic properties of their blood. #gammatheworld in the Mild High City.

Do you have your own Gammatheworld idea? Let's also all thank Fred for starting the game and you can check out more if you look up the #gammatheworld tag on twitter.

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