Monday, March 21, 2011

The Difference Between Criticism and Little Stars

I put out Geasa, and most of the people I know have really enjoyed it. That's not to say that my Aunt really likes my games, but that I really like my games and people that are strangers come up to me and say that they like it and people I know who won't bullshit me also say that they like it. I appreciate that kind of feedback.

That said, I show up on Drivethru RPG and I see that my "star rating" is 2 out of 5. In reality, I couldn't actually give a shit though my swearing my make people think that this isn't true. I'm mad, but not at the rating. I'm mad because it's the absolutely most useless thing I have ever seen in my life. It doesn't help anyone at all because it's just a freakin' arbitrary number. There's nothing critical about that at all, there's no way that anyone can make an informed opinion using that scale. There's no way that I can improve anything because there's no critical feedback what so ever.

I guess I'm just frustrated because I haven't heard anything back at all. There are 572 people who have picked up either the full version and/or the free version. Surely with all the people with lots of opinions everywhere someone has something to say about it at some point.

Until someone does, I ignore you. You pathetic number rating. You are no help at all.

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