Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review - @dragonchow dice bags are awesome

Adam Jury was nice enough to introduce me to Lyndsay over at Dragonchow dice bags. I had a good time talking with someone who was cool, fun, interesting over twitter. Since she did the dice bag thing I decided that I would get a couple of his/hers dice bags (yes, I will occasionally be that geeky) for Amber and I.

I recommend that if you are in the market for a dice bag that you get one.

First of all, she's incredibly easy to talk to when it comes to getting what you want. If you have a particular fabric in mind and an idea of what you want, she's right there with you helping with what might be a good idea or a bad idea. Super communication, which makes any online purchase a breeze.

I will admit, when I first saw it I was like, "It's only this big?" because I'm used to dice bags needing to be enormous to hold any amount of dice. Then I put all my dice in there and went, "Oh, I've still got lots of room!" The flat bottom design means that you get a lot of space in a compact package. I love it!

The whole experience with the bags has been nothing but positive. It was so great that if you know if you have someone who wants a dice bag, send them to see Dragon Chow. If you want to get more information here are the places you can go.

Twitter - @dragonchow

Also, I'll see if I can get Amber to model hers.^_^

You can see the his/hers bit. We both picked a colour and then just switched which one was on the inside and which one was on the outside.

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