Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reviews and stuff

Okay, since bribery clearly isn't working I'm going to do something I probably shouldn't do. I'm going to start giving reviews in order to get reviews. If you want me to review something (I still owe people reviews of the 24 hr RPG) let me know and I'll do one here and post it up on drivethru and IPR.

If not? I'll just start picking things at random.


Surely nothing could go wrong with this idea.


Shinobicow said...

I would love a review of my 24 Hour RGP's... hehe

What did you want reviewed?
get in touch with me.

Jonathan said...

Working on your second one. I just downloaded them all to my phone and went, "Another one? I'm impressed."

Looking to get Geasa some review time. Sent you a twitter message. ^_^

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