Friday, June 10, 2011

Adventures in Miniature Games!

I've just recently got into trying my hand at miniature painting. A friend of mine once said that miniatures aren't really games, as much as they are a hobby all on their own and I finally got it. I tried to get into it a long time ago, like 9 years ago and I just didn't have the wherewithal to turn it into a hobby. I think that might be different now. I picked up Bloodbowl and the first thing I did was want to repaint the minis, because they ... well ... look bad! I wanted to make sure that they looked good.

Anyway, it lead me to start looking at my old Warmachine stuff (and I do mean old, some of the sculpts I have were from 2002, not that they've changed them but more along the lines that they've been sitting being unpainted for that long) and deciding that I'd like to get started on painting those.

Eventually this is going to mean that I'm going to spend more money on games. Oh! No!

Well, I'm going to use the Mini Adventure label at the bottom to talk about the painting that I've done and am doing right now because I figure I'm old enough now that I actually feel like I can do it. I've stripped all the Mini's that I have and am now getting ready to paint a pile of them. If you're interested you can come check it out!

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