Friday, June 17, 2011

West Side Horror - Feedback

GSLamb over at had this to say about West Side Horror

Just tried this game with friends last night - very fun.
Our monster, iirc, was an alien-hybridized, hyperintelligent squirrel with a thirst for brain chemicals (Mr. Squeakers). We were all former lab assitants of a genetics project that lost funding (our Professor was Mr Squeakers' first victim), enthralled by Mr Squeakers.

After the third musical number, people got into the swing of things. The second verse of out fourth number had over fifteen lines in it!

Sadly, Mr Squeakers was done-in by his love of amaretto sours (with just a dash of spinal fluids), and we were all brain-wiped in his death throes.

I know I laughed out loud with joy when I read that. I'm glad that it turned out, and that the musical bits worked.

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