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Previously Generated - Geasa Theme

Time to do a theme for Geasa. I feel like I should do something slightly off the wall and fun to commemorate the fact that the book is finally at the printers. I have been on a wrestling kick as of late, so I figured let's try to make a wrestling scene for Geasa.

Weird things happens when you're a group of people who end up traveling together, especially when your job consists of beating up on your co-workers. You are all members of a traveling independent wrestling promotion. You're good enough that people who are in the know are interested in seeing you, but not good enough that you can get a TV deal or anything like that. You just put in your time, collect your meager pay check and hope that someone who can pay you better notices you. It's not that bad, you're just risking life and limb to see the smaller cities of the North East. I mean, who wouldn't want to get stranded by a mechanical failure in picturesque Baldwinville, Massachusetts. Population 1,852, with a full functional high school gymnasium and about fifteen really bored people waiting for someone to finish fixing the bus so you could move on to the ever hopping Conant High School gymnasium in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

It's a glamorous life. The only hope is that the next town has someone who can pick you up out of this pit and put you where you belong, on a pedestal.

* Dante "Freedom" Bell - You are the star of the show, for what that is worth. You know that there isn't anyone here who can match you for your actual skill in the ring and on the microphone, when there are microphones. You're also annoyed that no one else seems to recognize this. You just want what's yours, and that's the spotlight.

*Britney Myers - You're the one who does the actual work around here. You're the mechanic, the driver, the cook, the ring announcer, the therapist, and the mother to this group of grown up children. You don't complain, but you do feel the strain of having done this tour for a couple of years now. What you really want is everyone else to recognize that you contribute a hell of a lot, and maybe appreciate you for it.

*Loyd Henderson -- You own East Coast Wrestling Entertainment, or ECWE, and have been trying to find a way to make it big. You want the big television contract even though you've done nothing to deserve it. You've got a stable of wrestlers that are at best lack lustre, and at worst full of delusions of grandeur. That hasn't stopped you from bothering anyone who might have the slight odor of being associated with a TV station. You know that if you could just get that contract, everything else will fall into place.

* Holly Sharp -- As one of two women wrestlers in the promotion, you're both really good at working together and really bored with what's going on. Despite what other people believe, you are actually the best wrestler here but women's wrestling is still the domain of thin and plastic, and while you are athletic and fit you don't fall into either of those categories. That means you got looked over the few times anyone actually important showed up. You keep pushing that you can wrestle with the guys, but Loyd freaks out every time you mention it. You just want something to challenge you.

*Stanton "Rage" Lawson - You were burned while you were working, doing some sort of extreme stuff involving flaming tables, and as such you've got scarring on your face. That's when you changed your shtick to a mask wearing monster called Rage. You scream a lot, stomp a lot, and grab at your face whenever someone brings up your scars. You're happy with your lot in life, you're doing what you wanted to do with some people you like. There's a special someone inside the company that you wish you could approach and ask them out, but you're nervous because Loyd doesn't like "fraternizing" and you're worried about they will react to your scarring.

* Christi "Stacked" Stark -- You remember watching your first wrestling match as a kid and being enthralled. Then you looked at what it took to be a women's wrestler and then you bit the bullet and did what you thought would get you on TV with the lights, and the microphone and the accolades. It hasn't gotten you anywhere you really wanted to go, and while you may regret some of the decisions that you've made you're still pushing to make it to the top. Everyone may think you're an airhead, and again you play what you think the people want, but you've got the focus and dedication to beat anyone who gets in the way of what you want.


* Spartacus - An ancient Roman gladiator that shook off the shackles of slavery and attempted to lead an army of slaves to freedom. Now, as a spirit he wishes to free all those he believes to be in bondage.

* Competitiva - The spirit of competition, it believes that all competition is good, and if there is any chance that two people can be in conflict, it will support that. It believes very clearly that there are winners, and there are losers and only by conflict will the two be separated

* Lumi -- A spirit of light that's always looking for the brightest light and the shiningest star. It feels that by going to the light, lies and deception can't survive the exposing power of the light.

* Ignacio Nixon -- The Spirit of a Dead Wrestler who was killed while wrestling for ECWE, Loyd doesn't mention him to the other wrestlers and that has stuck in the craw of the dead Ignacio. He wants nothing more than to expose Loyd as a fraud, and a cruel task master. If he can destroy him then maybe he can rest.

* Letzul - A Gremlin that enjoys causing mechanical havoc. It's had a great time with this group, causing all sorts of problems with the truck, and the ring. So far the wrestlers have handled the failures, but Letzul hopes that one day he can match the previous Gremlin's achievement of getting someone killed through a mechanical failure.

Other People
If you want to not play with these characters, here are some other options for you. Roll a d6 and let random chance help you out.

1. The Principle of the School where the wrestling match is located
2. The Local Promoter who invited the company
3. The Worst Wrestler in the Promotion, looking for a fast way to the top
4. A Concerned Parent who doesn't want this trash in their town
5. Another technician, someone who works the lights or the sound
6. Someone who works in TV, who is looking for something to put on the air.

Idea on the Fae
If you're looking for other Fae to play, then what you really want to do is work with Fae that enjoy conflict and can't tell the difference between created conflict for entertainment purposes and real life and death struggles. Another option are Fae that enjoy causing mischief, mechanical mischief in particular, since a lot of things that go on in the show require some sort of machines for effect.

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