Saturday, November 5, 2011

Critical!: Go Westerly - Why You Should Want It! Part 2.

I think Critical!: Go Westerly is a great game. If I didn't, I wouldn't publish it. However, I think you should want to play Critical!: Go Westerly too. You can check out the other reasons why you should check out Critical!: Go Westerly here.
So why should you want Critical:! Go Westerly?

2. It's Easy to Use

Critical!: Go Westerly is a very simple and streamlined system. It's designed to be fun to create characters and easy to run if you're the Bartender. How does that work? A variety of factors come into play to make the game this easy.

Character Creation is fun, and not in a hugely time consuming way. It's fun because you have the power to use your skills, habits and items to help define your character. You want to play the Brawny fighter that loves to collect flowers? Use your skills to talk about your character's All too showy combat skills, their Impressive musculature, and their Ability to win the fight no matter the cost ... to their opponents. Give them the Habits of Compulsive collector and Stops to smell the flowers. Finish it with a couple of items like Impressive Big Large Sword and Shield with Flower standard, and you have a pretty good image of this character with a minimal amount of effort. It is fun and fast!

The mechanics are easy because it doesn't vary in how anything is dealt with. Once you know the mechanic, that's how pretty much everything works. Whenever you want to do anything that the Bartender thinks might be the slightest bit complicated they will make you roll. You get to use your Stats and one skill of your choice, as long as you can convince the bartender of its use, and roll two six sided dice based on the target's difficulty. Higher then the difficulty means you succeed, lower than the difficulty means you fail and if you get the target number exactly you get a Critical! which is one really good thing and one really bad thing. No matter what you're doing, that's how you end up doing it.

Monsters are easy since they are defined by their ability to hit things and to be hit by the players. When you kill them you get divinely handed out gold which you can use to upgrade your skills, buy new items, or bribe your Bartender when you really want two good things to happen.

Critical!: Go Westerly is a game that you can learn to play quickly, so that you spend your time enjoying your game rather than looking up the rules. I think that's a good reason to go and get it.

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