Saturday, November 19, 2011

Critical!: Go Westerly -- Why you should want it! Part 4

I can't get enough of Critical!: Go Westerly. That only makes sense since I was involved with the making of it. However, I can like my game all I want. The bigger question is why should you want it?

Well, there are a couple of reasons listed here and here. There are more, but I figured it's best if you're up to speed.

Here's another reason.

4. The Art

The art of Critical!: Go Westerly is pretty amazing. It's done by a single artist, Avery Liell-Kok, and you should totally check out her other work on her page that we just linked to. She's done lots of work for Joe from Monkey Den Production (the official page is here but Joe's non company stuff blog is over here) on his Superhuman game as well as some stuff for advanced dimensional green ninja educational preparatory super elementary fortress 555 (which I can never remember, for obvious reasons, when I'm face to face with Akira)which can be found on her website.

Actually Joe is how I met Avery, and I'm really glad that he managed to introduce us I think like ... five times or something like that. Anyway, here are some of the earlier sketched pieces that Avery did for Critical!: Go Westerly. There's a lot of character stuff, becaue that's what she did first, but it's all pretty freakin' awesome.

Here is Mary, our adventerous Tavern Wench.

Here is Marten Iij, our earstwhile Priest.

Finally, Urist the Too Tall Dwarf. I will admit that every single time I look at this image I laugh.

These aren't the final images, but they're close enough -- and awesome enough -- that I think you should see them.

Just one more reason why you need to pick up Critical!: Go Westerly.

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