Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Critical!: Go Westerly - You All Meet in a Tavern

Hey Folks,

We've published our first Adventure for Critical!: Go Westerly.  It's called You All Meet in a Tavern and it's a lot of fun.  I know, I've run it several times.

The description of the adventure is as follows:

Embrace the Standard Fantasy Trope!  As a fledgling adventurer you have decided that the best way to get into the business is by attending the monthly Adventurer-Nite at the local White Griffon Tavern.  You meet your fellow companions, you get Your First Quest™ and are about ready to go when events happen that change the course of history.  Or at least it's something more interesting than whatever Your First Quest™ was going to be.

It can be had at Drive Thru RPG and eventually up at IPR, I still haven't totally figured out how to get things set up there properly.

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