Saturday, May 12, 2012

Game Chef - 51 through 55

This Match is Scheduled for One Fall by Nathan D. Paoletta

The Good: One of the more unique games out there, This Match is Scheduled for One Fall is a great multiplayer game where you each have your own secrets.  It's also that great dichotomy between your real self, and your work self and in the case of wrestlers that's kind of a big deal.

The Bad: The exchange rules are a little confusing to read.  I think an example of an exchange would have been helpful.  I'm going to read them again, but the counters in particular seem a bit odd and off.

The Other: I'm a huge wrestling mark.  To the point of owning Kayfabe, and looking at Luche Libre as something I might want to pick up.  Needless to say I was excited by this.

Would I play it?: Finally ..... Finally .... Finally ....

First Impressions by Mendel Schmiedekamp

The Good: This is a really interesting break the ice kind of RPG.  It's got a lot of questions that would be kind of fun to answer.

The Bad: Which sucks if you don't really like answering those types of questions.  I can see the game as being intimidating for some, but that's kind of a feature rather than a bug.

The Other: I'm amused greatly by the d60, d100 and d120 in the game.  I don't know why, but those amuse me to know end.

Would I play it?: No, but that's more my own proclivities than anything wrong with the game.  I'd rather just talk to people than have something "break" the ice.

Becoming (game only available as necessary) by Joseph Le May

The Good: Well, it was an easy one because it's not necessary that I look at it because this is just a random review.

The Bad: Um, Joseph doesn't get a quick snarky little review from me.  That might be a good for them.

The Other: I think this is a rather interesting concept if only a giant headache for the people who had to review it.

Would I play it?:  Well I can't can I?

Oath of Steel by Jeffrey Fuller

The Good: Wow.  The setting is stellar, the mechanics are great.  It truly feels like an epic last stand, the good ones in film where the characters all flash back on their lives as they fight against overwhelming odds.

The Bad: The epilogue isn't really explained all that much, as well as wounds.  It explains when the players take them, but if there's any confusion about what to do, that would be it.

The Other: I swear to defend the Nations of the Spire against all enemies; that I will bear true faith and allegiance ...

Would I play it?: To arms brothers and sisters!

Epistolary: A Game of Monsters and Letters (+ supplement) by Ed Turner

The Good: This is reminding me a lot of Man-of-Letters, Man-of-War.  I love the idea of trying to do an epistolary game.  The fact that there is a silence rule and that you have to deal with someone writing letters. I think the "it's time to stop now mechanic" is a nice addition as well.

The Bad: This isn't really bad because the mechanic is interesting as well as gets the other players involved, but maybe something shorter for the resolution.  Again, don't know if that would help anything but it's the only thing I can think of.

The Other: I loved the format of the game too.  Maybe making it more letter like in look rather than using columns would have been a nicer touch too.

Would I play it?: My dearest Esmerelda, It has been too long since our last communication and I feel the weight of those many years upon my shoulders most keenly .... 

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