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Game Chef - 41 through 45

I'm just going to throw this out here, again as a preface for a series of games.  You do know that if you use Coyote as a deity that you're really kind of stepping into First Nations culture.  I've done some research while doing this to make sure that Coyote doesn't really show up elsewhere, and so far it doesn't.  I mean, coupled with the fact that a lot of the time they're dealing with a Trickster Deity means that you've kinda stepped into appropriation.

Coyote Doctor by Julian Hyde

The Good: The mechanic where the sickness is taking over, and that includes your keywords as well as the universe that you find yourself in.  I think that's a great way to have some sort of creepy mechanic where things slowly start to fade away.

The Bad: See the note above, also there are some things missing.  The gates section seems to be mashed into another part and with it being kind of integral to the game it should have a little more done with it.

The Other: Since a fair number of the words didn't pertain to the ingredients or the theme, I kind of want the players to make up a list of words mainly because the balance on someone not doing something ridiculous is the chance that they might get stuck with it.

Would I Play It? Yes, but much like anything else I might switch the skin on it because ... well see above.

Burning Opera by Vicenzi Giacomo

The Good: I love the idea of what the game put forward.  Yes, I realize that it involves a lot of ignoring of safety precautions but having done theatre on the cheap, safety isn't on the mind of anyone.

The Bad: The game kind of lost it for me there.  It didn't turn out to be what I thought it was going to be, which is fine but ... I didn't really feel like the game did anything with the ingredients.  Maybe that might be my disappointment with what I thought it was, which was them doing what they wanted to do not enacting what their last moments were.

The Other: I think we need more LARP ing.  Sure there are party type games, but I full on LARP is something that's interesting to try to do in 3k words.

Would I Play It? No, I don't think I would.

Lantern, A Game of Entropy by Alla Hoffman

The Good:  Another bucket list one, but this is set in space.  The entropy mechanic is nicely done and even the whole steps to see what's happening with the universe feel very straightforward and a part of the tension. What planet is going to go next?  How does that impact my bucket list.

The Bad: The setting stuff at the end feels tacked on and only there to add Doctor and Mimic.  It doesn't really add anything to the game since you make up your universe.  I know it's part of the contest, but part of me goes "If it's not going to add then don't force it!"

The Other: I think I'd like more of what might make a good bucket list.  Maybe even a chart, I never thought I would say that, that matches the other one.  Planet number, thing you want to have happen.  I just think that it would help a lot.

Would I Play It? Yes, if only to try to make sure I could survive with SCIENCE!

The Last Call of the Totem Spirits by Pedro Ziviani and Kairam Hamdan

The Good: I really want to find something good to say about this game.  I really do.  It's just really hard underneath the sheer levels of fail the "skin" of this game has.  See, look ... I made a pun.  Look, the magic has a nice quick and easy way to deal with power levels.  It's MP, but it's variable.  That's something good.  What do you want from me?


The Other: I don't know what they're trying to do here but in the end it's not nearly as awesome as they think it is.

Would I Play It? Both fuck and no.

Coyote Apocalypse (+ play aid) by Stan Taylor

The Good: There's a really nice dynamic that goes on in this game between bidding dice and then getting the cool special powers first.  I also love the Blood for Leather type of dropping or rolling dice from afar and hoping that you can get what you need, but then I'm a sucker for games in my game.

The Bad: You know what I'm going to say.  I'm not a fan of the skin.  I should keep track of how many times this happens.  I'm sure we're getting close to double digits.

The Other: With the amount of abilities, I don't see why I would ever bid high.  I'll take smaller stuff and be happy with middling abilities while severely crippling the GM.  There needs to be a little something more there in order to make the players want to not get stuck with a bad pick.

Would I Play It? Yes, but again only with a different skin.  I say this even after I said I would say it anymore, which might say something about this game.

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