Monday, April 8, 2013

Previously Generated: Fiasco - Sudden Death

This is something that Clark and Amanda Valentine and I talked about last Origins, I think. It might have been the one before that.

At any rate, I finally got off my behind and "finished" (that term is used very loosely) Sudden Death, the Fiasco Playset where you play a hockey team about to come unglued in game seven of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

I like some of the rule modifications to make it fit a hockey game, and I enjoy the scoring mechanic so you can see how well or poorly you're doing as the game progresses. I'm sure there are better elements, and tonnes of mistakes, so if you have suggestions, ideas or anything just post them here. When I have enough of them I'll probably make the changes to the document and then we can get a better playset!

Download Sudden Death

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