Thursday, April 4, 2013

Retro Game Day - Crazy 8s

Most people have probably played this game at one point or another.

My favourite part of this game, isn't really the playing of it anymore but more along the lines of negotiating the various versions that people have played. The extra rules that come up and throw you for a loop when you hear them the first time.

I think we can all agree these are the basic rules.

Step 1. Draw one card
Step 2. Play one card under these certain conditions
a. It is the same suit as the previous card played.
b. It is the same rank as the previous card played.
c. It is an 8, at which point in time you get to declare what suit is now eligible to played in as per 2.a

These are the basic special cards that I know.

2 - The next player draws 2 cards.

What are your special rules? What do you think makes the right rules for Crazy 8s?

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