Friday, October 2, 2009

DCG - Faction 5 - House Ndebele

House Ndebele, out of all the houses, has its power centre based mostly around manufacturing and the military might that goes around manufacturing. Most ships that are used by other houses bear Ndebele's mark. Most weapons used by those fighting are manufacturered on Ndebele worlds. The House has made its money by selling to everyone, they don't discriminate when people come calling to buy things. However, they do reserve the latest and greatest 'toys' for their own troops ensuring their own military supremacy over all those that buy their wares because that's what Ndebele does best, intimidate people into doing what they want.

When they were included with House Aan to be added to the list of Great Houses a lot of others felt that this was Ndebele forcing their way onto the counsil. This isn't true. What happens is that House Zhang felt that be including them it would be a better way to keep them in check, if they were busy looking at the Imperial House as a prize then they might be less inclined to take from their neighbors. It worked and House Ndebele spent the next several decades playing nice while vying for the Imperial seat like the rest of the Houses did at the time, by peddling influence and playing politics.

This was capped with the shortest time as the Emperor. Katina Ndebele was killed by an assassin during the Hernden incident where the Hernden house and the Contreras house were fighting over a trade route. Hernden had said that they had made a treaty with Contreras to have exclusive rights to the route while Contreras said that there was no such exclusive deal in place and that any and all who wished to use the route could as long as they paid the tolls. Emperor Katina was leaning towards siding with the Contreras when the Herndens attacked. To enforce her power, Katina led her forces with Contreras in a concerted effort to end the conflict quickly. Unfortunately, the ship that the Emperor was on was sabotaged by unknown people and exploded during the battle. There were no survivors and the Imperial throne passed to another house.

Currently the house is split along two lines. There are those who wish to play the political game to get back to the Imperial throne and there are those that feel that they need to flex their military muscle to show the others that they should take the throne from the Aans. They feel that this would also get them some extra territory from the Zhangs.

With the House in flux there are many ways this could go. The hope of those in the house is no matter what, it will be a benefit to them all.

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