Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DCG - Factions - The Anti-Imperialists

Not everyone is happy with the way things have been going over the past few hundred years. Every so often someone would get slighted, a house would fall and those that survived would blame it on the empire for letting a proud and noble house crumble. These people have built up their own power base on the Capital planet. They keep things quiet, but they do have supporters almost everywhere each one willing to put their lives on the line to end what they see as the wrongful imperial dominion.

What makes this group different is that they don't have one leader with one goal. They've got several leaders each with their own agenda, and methodology. They will often fight each other over clashing ideology. There are three groups lead by mysterious figures (because I haven't designed the cards and therefore don't really want to come up with their names just yet). One group feels that the only way to drive the Imperialist out is by sheer and utter destruction of what they hold dear. They will attack anything and anyone at a moment's notice, usually under the cover of another group's efforts. Sometimes they succeed, more often they fail but it puts the Imperial Guard on double alert when anything goes on in the city.

Another group believes that by taking out any sort of spaceflight ability, that they can wait out and starve out the Imperialists. They spend most of their time attacking the Starport and the ships that are docked there. They also attack communication towers because they believe that this is part of cutting off the head of the snake rather than going after the body.

The third group belives that if they incite the populace enough, they will rise up against their enslavers and throw off the chains of oppression. They do engage in clandestine activities, but a lot less than the two other main groups. They're also more often going to have agents embedded deeply within the various houses, both great and small.

The Imperial Guard takes these groups very seriously, and has orders to kill any known members on site. This has caused them to go underground, but they're still very active. Their hatred of the Imperialists goes beyond the threat of death.

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