Thursday, December 15, 2011

Critical!: Go Westerly - Critical! A Go Go - Update!

A friend of mine asked about the The Adventurer level, and he said something that made me realize wasn’t totally clear. Originally, it was supposed to be that you got listed as an Adventurer in the book, but that’s not nearly awesome enough. For those who have the Adventurer level, you will get listed as an adventurer in the book. You won’t have any stats, but you’ll get about 150 words describing your Adventurer and your most notable exploits. No plain lists for us!

So to recap what do you get as an Adventurer?
The Adventurer: $70
One Copy of the PDF
One Signed and Numbered copy of the Book
One Gwendolyn School of Swordplay and Cookery Alumni shirt
Two Prints of the Map of Westerly, one is the Human version, and the other is the Dwarven version. (The Kobolds like the Dwarven version of the map.)
You will be listed in the book as a Adventurer, the kind people should look up to with 150 words in the book about your Adventurer!

What kind of adventurer will you be?

As always you can find the Indie Go Go page here.

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