Saturday, December 3, 2011

Critical!: Go Westerly - Why You Should Want It! Part 5

There are many reasons why you need to pick up Critical!: Go Westerly. I've listed them here, here, and here.

Want one more?

5. The game really is yours.

When we talk about the game being yours, we really mean it. The Critical! rule set is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Not just any CC license, but the BY-SA license which means you can take the rules, modify them how you want and then publish your own game with them. You can even sell it and try to be a hundredaire too.

For real. Go for it.

The world is also licensed under a Creative Commons license. It's slightly different, but it's a BY-SA-NC license. Which means you can go ahead and write what you want about the place. Hell, we want to hear your stories. Your table top adventures, your tales, your ideas, your stories, all of it. This is what makes the game yours, even more than just the fact that you can do with it what you want at home. Here we want you to do things with it in public.

So go have fun with the game. Just let us know all the cool things that you've done with it.

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