Monday, December 19, 2011

What a Year Makes - Geasa

Well, we've got 1 year of Geasa as a PDF at least under our belts. So I figured I would check out what that meant for us as a whole, I mean I'm just an itty bitty publisher and if you can get about 200-300 sales of your book out that's pretty damned good.

So, what are the numbers like? Remember, we do have two types of things to look at. The numbers for the purchase product and the numbers for the free product.

Geasa - FI10001

December 2010 - 30
January 2011 - 10
February - 7
March - 4
April - 0
May - 1
June - 1
July - 1
August - 2
September - 0
October - 2
November (unfinished)

Clearly I did this in November before it finished. Drivethru RPG is down so I can't get this data

Total: 58

Not a bad number. Now that we have the physical books out, I'd be interested in seeing what we get, but 58 copies of a game is fairly respectable. Especially when it's in PDF Format.

Geasa: Just the Rules - FI20001

December 2010 - 380
January 2011 - 106
February - 21
March - 16
April - 11
May - 13
June - 19
July - 8
August - 10
September - 6
October - 12
November (unfinished) - 1

Total: 602

Looking at these numbers

Geasa in book form - FI30001
IPR info is still a little on the sketchy side as they redo the website. However, when I go check to see the main page for Geasa I find that there are only 9 copies available. That means that there were 21 copies sold as well as the four preorder copies that I sent.

Sold to Retailers by me - 5
Sold to Individuals - 21
Preorders - 4
Sold to Individuals by me - 4

This puts the grand total of physical copies sold at 34, which is pretty cool when I think about the genesis of this game which was me being unhappy and writing down the rules on a streetcar ride on my way to work.

Ultimate totals?
Copies of the Game purchased = 92
Copies of the Game downloaded = 602

That works for me, and it makes me excited for what's going to happen when we get Critical!: Go Westerly out. You can help with that by going to our Indie Go Go Page and supporting the project. You can get cool things if you just sign up!

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