Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why we are using Indie Go Go

I had a couple of people ask me why we are using Indie Go Go rather than Kickstarter for the Critical!: Go Westerly opening extravaganza.

There are a couple of reasons. The first is that Amazon Payments don't like non USians. When I was looking into it, I tried to get something started there but it didn't like the fact that I didn't have a zip code.

Oh, they will be more than happy to take my money to pay for things, but they don't like the fact that I am not American when it comes time to give me money. This, of course sucks, because there are a lot more projects that create a lot more traffic over at kickstarter.

Now, the second reason that I am happy to go with Indie Go Go is that it offers flexible funding options. Kickstarter is an all or nothing proposition. When Dregg (aka James Carpio) put up the Spookybeans RPG and didn't meet his goals, he had to set up a whole new pre-order for the game. I bet he got about half of what he got in numbered from the kickstarter. I'll have to ask him.

At Indie Go Go, you can choose the flexible option when it comes to payment. This is acting a lot more like a preorder, because I offer people stuff I think is cool and in return I get to keep what is pledged no matter what the funding level is at the end.

The book is done, this is us getting you on the ground floor with awesome perks for being the first folk in on the game. In fact we are going to make an announcement about some upgrades to what we are offering.

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