Saturday, June 9, 2012

AIR - v0.4 - Playtest Document

It's that seasons again folks, that's right it's playtest season.  A time where game designers, and even large companies, get in on the fact that someone, somewhere might be interested in seeing a game before it's out.

Let me introduce you to AIR, my ghost stories in space game.  You all play Victims who wake up to find that that something has happened to the station you're in, there is only the oxygen that's left in the air and the little you have on you.  You want to escape but there's a malevolent force trying to stop you, can you survive to the escape pod?

If you want to check out the Playtest Document, you can find it here.

Feedback is appreciated, either at the email address in the document, or here on the blog post.  Let me know what works, what doesn't work and what you think would make the game better!

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