Sunday, June 24, 2012

Game Chef - 70 through 75

Handle with care by Jackson Tegu

The Good: It's so very cute that you build up this giant city where you all play monsters moving about looking at people's lives.  It's so very utterly charming that you have people watching for the monsters, and then mechanically you switch with them if you get caught.  It's very much like an awesome physical game

The Bad: There was a card mechanic ... somewhere in there.  I don't know because I zoned out for much of it.  It felt way to complicated for what was going on.

The Other: I think this would be great if there was more focus on being the giant monsters who don't want to be seen rather than the people.  There needs to be a mechanic that involves the people, totally but it's something gentle and nice and ... fun.

Would I Play It? No, but again because my desire to hack it to make it this fun kind of simple game breaks mah rules ... that I have broken ... several times already.  Damn it.

To Travel These Pathways by Abi

The Good: A great idea to talk about memories on a walk, and how to mimic back something to show that you were listening.

The Bad: The whole ending.  I know you had to use ingredients as they were listed but, really.  Adds nothing at all other than to try to say, "Look I added it."

The Other: Again, very much like a ritual rather than a game.  Makes me think that there's the underlying theme this year.

Would I Play It? No, I can find enough stuff to talk about on a walk.

Liminal by Robert Bruce

The Good: Wow, this seemed to be an interesting take on a game.  Play an alien who has taken over an undocumented worker in the US.  Now, I'm not a USian so my idea of immigration politics and what actually goes on is not part of my experience.  I will say that I do like that when you try to describe the person being imitated there's a lot of focus on the individual as a person, and to try to avoid what you might see as stereotypes (which is kind of idealistic because people will usually fall into some kind of stereotype but I digress)

The Bad: The rules, mostly?  I mean they're not bad, but that's where the game kind of lost me.  I think something without die rolling would have suited the game a little better, maybe some token economy?  I don't have an answer for it, but there you go.

The Other: I think you could have made the "going up and going down" thing a little easier.  Number them? I mean if RDI can keep two tracks going, and make it make sense with what you're doing then one track should be easy.

Would I Play It? No, but that may be end of the list ennui.

The Lady and the Tower by Joel P. Shempert

The Good:  It is one of the better implementations of last chance, though to be fair not as much as the art one, where you have a series of pull tabs to determine what your character does.  That, mixed with the you can only have 2 characters out of 3 players in any scene is interesting.  It would be cool to kinda focus on that for a game of espionage, where you can really only trust one person at a time.  It's an idea at any rate.

The Bad: I can't help but think that there might have been a better way to do it other than a pull tab.  I get the niftiness of the concept, but ultimately it's a little clunky and not necessarily as "one use only" as believed. Goodness knows that if you make a contraption that could open and close you could just replace the stuff on the inside again and again.

The Other: More games that represent advent calendars please!  Made me smile reminding me of my childhood, and then frown because there was no chocolate involved.

Would I Play It? If someone else did the setup.

The Entropy Game by LordPapyrus_420

The Good: Um ... um ... um ... I guess it could be fun ... if you ... like planking?

The Bad: This is a technical document gone horribly, horribly wrong.

The Other: It has an order, if you really like that kind of thing.  I guess it could be seen as poking fun at the fact that all RPGs, in their bare bones essence, have to be some form of technical documentation.

Would I Play It? No. It would just end badly.

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